The Ice-O-Matic Grande Cuber Supplies a Trend on a Large Scale

 Ice-O-Matic Grande Cuber

When the Ice-O-Matic Grande Cuber debuted at NAFEM 2015, it was clear the well-known ice machine manufacturer had current bartending and cocktail-crafting trends in mind. The larger ice cube has been popular in both South America and Europe for years and is beginning to gain popularity in the United States. With Americans always wanting everything bigger and better, it’s no wonder they were eager to get in on this trend.

In small-volume, haute cuisine locales, hand crafting ice cubes for cocktails and top shelf liquors has certainly become an art form. And now, a number of special tools and molds are flooding the market to provide this signature look. But if you’re looking at the more practical side of implementing large ice cubes into your establishment, Ice-O-Matic has you covered.

A Bigger Ice Cube

Grande Cube by IOMWhile it’s widely known that larger ice cubes melt more slowly than small ones, today’s trend showcases ice cubes that are nearly twice the size of a normal cube. A full size cube is 7/8 inches in /dimension, while the Grande Cuber makes ice that is 1-1/4 inch by 1-1/8 inch by 7/8 inch. Not only will the large cube keep your beverage from becoming watery, it also has great visual appeal.

In mixology, there are drinks, such as the old-fashioned, where ice melt is calculated into the formula for creating a target taste profile. But, if you’re sipping on a high-quality scotch, you don’t want the distinct subtleties of the spirit to become weakened. Giant, slow-melting ice cubes are ideal for beverages that demand slow savoring to truly appreciate their nuances.

For fantastic-looking clear cubes, not only is it critical to have water that is mostly free from contaminants, the method by which the water freezes is also of vital importance. The evaporator in the Ice-O-Matic Grande is designed to create crystal-clear ice cubes. The liquid passes through the evaporator where it can expand. The resulting condensate is sprayed over the ice tray, causing it to freeze in layers. This layering effect prevents air bubbles, causing the ice to form clear cubes.

Cost and Energy Efficiency

Ice-O-Matic’s Grande Cuber takes up a mere 30 inches of space and produces up to 850 pounds of ice per day. Harvest Assist helps minimize energy consumption without compromising capacity, while Pure Ice® antimicrobial protection helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. The units are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and fingerprint-proof plastic. The evaporator plates are nickel-plated for long life. These elements come together in an ENERGY STAR rated ice maker.

Even with its high-quality construction and mechanical expertise, on a cost-per-pound basis, the Grande Cuber is no more costly to run than other models in the Ice-O-Matic line. It is less expensive to purchase and operate while still carrying the Ice-O-Matic brand people know and trust, uncommon in a gourmet ice machine. And not only does Ice-O-Matic strive to keep a small footprint in the kitchen, they also minimize their carbon footprint by recycling everywhere they can and participate in a number of sustainability efforts.