Introducing the Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series

Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series Simplifies Ice

For more than 50 years, Ice-O-Matic has been providing foodservice operations with high-quality commercial ice machines that are manufactured in the company's American facilities. To not only comply with but stay ahead of changing efficiency requirements mandated by the United States Department of Energy, the engineers at Ice-O-Matic have designed an innovative new model series. As new products are developed to accommodate the varied needs of commercial foodservice operations, Ice-O-Matic's Elevation series will replace the ICE series as the company's standard ice machine.

The Peak of Ice-making Innovation

The new Ice-O-Matic Elevation series is designed to simplify the maintenance process while producing the same great ice restaurant operators have relied on for decades. Below, you can learn more about how Elevation series ice makers can benefit your business.

In order to serve your customers clean ice, the machine producing it needs to be clean, too. Unfortunately, the important task of cleaning the ice machine is often forgotten in hectic commercial kitchens; employees may find themselves too busy to complete the cleaning process or simply may not feel like doing it because the process is too complex and time-consuming.

To help operators overcome this challenge, Ice-O-Matic Elevation ice machines contain plastic food zone parts that snap in and out, allowing them to be easily removed and thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher. This includes the water distribution tube, which can be cleaned without tools. The food zone is also designed without seams to eliminate difficult-to-clean crevices. Employees can keep the machine sanitized between dishmachine cleanings by wiping down the accessible food zone, and they will know it's time to clean the machine when the LED indicator comes on. These models also feature one-touch cleaning options, which will initiate sanitizing and de-liming cycles.

These Ice-O-Matic ice makers also simplify ordering and installation thanks to their exclusive dual exhaust systems. This allows air to discharge through the top or side, removing the necessity of knowing which direction your ice machine will discharge hot air from and whether you have the required amount of clearance between the sides of your unit and a wall. The system will make this adjustment automatically, rather than requiring manual alterations by an operator or service technician. With dual exhaust options, operators can order ice machines by capacity, ice type, and overall dimensions, and know they will receive one that can be installed in their layout.

The Elevation machines are also designed to reduce the number of service calls operators have to make, potentially saving a considerable amount of time, money, and hassle. This is achieved with an electronic control board, digital diagnostics, and indicators that alert operators to potential issues before they begin impacting their businesses. Ideally, this will help them maintain functioning ice makers and cut service calls.

Because these Ice-O-Matic ice machines were designed to surpass the requirements of Department of Energy standards put forth for 2018, they are up to 20 percent more energy efficient than other commercial ice maker models. Ice-O-Matic also manufactures the Elevation series with environmental responsibility in mind. It has reduced the carbon footprint of the production lines by as much as 40 percent by recycling materials like oil and scrap metal in its Colorado factory, and has partnered with conservation organizations to further offset the impacts. Energy use is monitored by the machine's digital controls, so operators will always know they're getting the most efficiency from their Ice-O-Matic ice makers.