"Ice. Pure and Simple" is Ice-O-Matic's motto because they focus on one thing: manufacturing simple, high-quality ice machines that deliver pure, clean ice. They offer a full line of ice machines, including full and half-cube, flake, nugget, and gourmet style cubers in a number of sizes to fit your business’s requirements. They also offer accessories like bins, dispensers, and water filters to help you get the most from your ice machine. More

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Ice-O-Matic has a full lineup of ice makers, from high-volume cubers that can make more than 2,000 pounds of ice a day down to space-efficient undercounter units. Choose a preconfigured head-and-bin combo or make your own pairing tailored to your needs.

Chewable nugget ice is a fan favorite in soft drinks. Traditional all-purpose half- and full-cubes are great for soft-drinks, blended drinks, and cocktails alike, while flake ice is ideal for fresh-food displays and healthcare use. Slow-melting gourmet cubes are favored for their upscale presentation value in classy cocktails.