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"Ice. Pure and Simple" is the Ice-O-Matic motto because the company focuses on one thing: manufacturing simple, high-quality ice machines that deliver pure, clean ice. It offers a full line of ice machines, including full- and half-cube, flake, nugget, and gourmet-style ice makers in a number of sizes to fit your business's requirements. KaTom also sells Ice-O-Matic parts and accessories such as bins, dispensers, and water filters to help you get the most from your ice machine. More

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Ice-O-Matic KBT19 Ice Bin Top for MFI Dispensers

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Ice-O-Matic KGEMDISP Installation Kit for GEM Ice Makers

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The Ice-O-Matic ice machine selection ranges from high-volume cubers that can make more than 2,000 pounds of ice a day down to space-efficient undercounter units. Choose a preconfigured head-and-bin combo or make your own pairing tailored to your needs.

Chewable nugget ice is a fan favorite in soft drinks, and Ice-O-Matic ice makers that produce it include the popular GEMU090. Traditional all-purpose half- and full-cubes are great for soft-drinks, blended drinks, and cocktails alike, while flake ice is ideal for fresh-food displays and healthcare use. Slow-melting gourmet cubes are favored for upscale presentation value in classy cocktails.

We also carry a wide selection of Ice-O-Matic parts and accessories for your machine, including drain pumps, installation kits, and replacement augers that can help keep your ice machine running efficiently for years. We also have Ice-O-Matic filters to ensure your machine produces pure, fresh-tasting ice and help protect against damaging scale buildup that can cause system failures. For tips to help extend the life of your machine, see our Ice-O-Matic Care and Troubleshooting Guide.

Common Questions About Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers

Where is Ice-O-Matic made?

Ice-O-Matic was established in 1952 as Mile High Equipment Co. in Denver and the company's headquarters are still in the Colorado capital. Its roughly 200 employees produce 98 percent of the company's catalog, which includes more than 200 models. In addition to the more than 40,000 machines it ships annually, the company also produces evaporators that are used in models produced by several other manufacturers.

How does an Ice-O-Matic ice machine work?

The exact operation will vary from unit to unit, but the general process involves running incoming potable water over metal backed by an evaporator that chills it with refrigerant. In the majority of machines, that means a constant flow of water tumbles over the evaporator in view of the operator, which has led to many a confused service call. Rest assured that is typically a sign of standard operation, but if your machine is not producing the expected amount of ice or is taking too long to harvest new ice, you may want to reach out to a tech.

In units that produce full and half cubes, as well those that yield gourmet pieces, water flows over a grid plate, freezing in the individual ice pieces and building to fill the grid. When the ice is ready, the unit automatically removes it from the grid in what's called the harvest cycle. That can be accomplished either by reversing the flow of refrigerant to warm the evaporator plate enough to release the ice or with a small metal rod attached to an actuator that taps the back of the plate.

The process is substantially different in flake and nugget ice makers. In those, the evaporators are cylinders with augers turning in their hollow middles. Water runs through the tubes, freezes on their walls, and is harvested by the augers. In flake machines, the resulting bits of ice are dumped directly into the bin or dispenser. Producing nuggets requires the further step of pushing the flake ice through an extruder aperture at the end of the cylinder to compress them into chewable chunks.

How do I adjust ice thickness in my Ice-O-Matic ice machine?

If your cuber is taking too long to produce ice or the grid does not break into individual pieces at harvest and you have ensured the unit is installed correctly, including being leveled, it may be necessary to adjust the bridge thickness setting. Though this is a fairly easy task, we still recommend you have a certified technician perform it. He or she will access the float housing, which is hidden between the sump and splash curtain, and adjust a lever on the outside of that box one or two clicks at a time, then check the thickness at the next harvest. According to Ice-O-Matic service manuals, the bridge should be 316-inch thick in units that produce less than 400 pounds of ice per day and 18-inch thick on those that produce more than 400 pounds.

What Ice-O-Matic parts and accessories are available?

KaTom offers a wide range of parts and accessories that can make your ice maker more functional, extend its service life, and ensure you provide high-quality ice. Some, like compressors and refrigerant tubing kits for remote-cooled units, are required to put the machine into operation. Similarly, if there is not a floor drain in close proximity to the installation point of an Ice-O-Matic undercounter ice maker, it may be necessary to order a drain pump. Adapters and mounting kits are often required for pairing an ice maker head with a bin or dispenser. Once the machine is installed and running properly, keeping an Ice-O-Matic filter on the incoming water line and regularly replacing its cartridge(s) can help ensure your machine produces pure, clean-tasting ice and protect it from scale buildup that can shorten the unit's life.

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