Ice Maker Cleaning is Simple With Tips From Ice-O-Matic

Ice Machine Cleaning

You know you need to clean your ice maker every six months, right? But sometimes the task can seem overwhelming. But Ice-O-Matic has created an instruction sheet that makes it easy. Just follow these simple steps and your ice machine will be sparkling and ready for use!

Before getting started, though, remember to wear your protective eyewear and gloves and remove all ice from the machine. The cleaners used are acid-based chemicals, so you need to take precautions to protect the product your ice maker puts out.

Supplies Required:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Brush
  • Bottle Brush
  • Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner
  • EPA Approved Sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Protective Eyewear


  1. Remove the front grill panels and turn OFF the water supply to the ice maker. Place the ICE/OFF/WASH switch into the "WASH" position.

  2. Press and hold the "PURGE" switch until all of the water has been discharged from the water trough. Place the ICE/WASH/OFF switch into the "OFF" position.

  3. Mix recommended amount of nickel-safe ice machine cleaner with water and pour into the water trough until the trough is full.

  4. Switch ICE/OFF/WASH switch to "WASH" position. Allow the cleaner to circulate for approximately 15 minutes to remove mineral deposits. Turn ON the water supply to the ice maker.

  5. Press the "PURGE" switch and hold until all of the ice machine cleaner has been flushed down the drain and diluted by fresh incoming water, approximately 2-3 minutes. Then switch the ICE/OFF/WASH switch to "OFF" position.

  6. Inspect the evaporator and water spillway, and if necessary, wipe the evaporator, spillway and other water transport surfaces with a clean soft cloth to remove any remaining residue. If the water distribution tube holes are plugged or restricted, remove the water distribution tube for cleaning.

  7. Disassemble the water distribution tube by rotating the inner tube flange and slide it out of the outer tube. Clean the water distribution tube components using a bottle brush and then reassemble all components, with the inner tube holes and "bump indicator" in the up position.

  8. Inspect the water trough for any heavy scale or slime build up. Trough can be removed for cleaning: Turn the water supply OFF, then turn the machine to WASH. Press the PURGE switch until all the water supply is out of the trough. Remove the water trough and clean. Reverse procedures to reinstall trough.

  9. Place the ICE/OFF/WASH switch on the "WASH" position. Use an EPA-approved food equipment sanitizer and allow sanitizer to circulate through the ice maker for 10 minutes.

  10. During this time, wipe down all other ice machine splash areas, plus the interior surfaces of the bin, deflector and door with the remaining sanitizing solution. The condenser fins can be cleaned with compressed air or by using a soft bristle brush. A vacuum cleaner can be utilized in conjunction with the brush as one method of cleaning the condenser fins. If the brush method is used, take care as to not bend or distort the fins. If the condenser fins are bent or distorted, the fins will need to be straightened with a fin comb.

  11. Press the purge switch and hold until sanitizer has been flushed down the drain. Turn ON the water supply to the ice maker and continue to purge to dilute the sanitizing solution for 1 to 2 minutes.

  12. Switch the ICE/OFF/WASH switch to "ICE" position and replace the front panel and front panel screws. Discard the first two ice harvests.

  13. Water filters should be changed or maintained, if applicable.

Now you have a wonderfully clean ice maker thanks to these handy trips from Ice-O-Matic! To shop for an Ice-O-Matic ice machine or accessories, visit the KaTom website!

Do you have any questions about your ice maker? Contact one of KaTom's knowledgeable customer service representatives!