HS Inc. Tortilla, Taco & Chip Servers

Make sure your guests' tortillas stay warm while they eat with HS Inc. tortilla, taco and chip servers.

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HS Inc HS1000 JP
HS Inc HS1000 JP Insulated 7" Tortilla Server, Jalapeno

KaTom #: 413-HS1000JP

$79.20 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1000 BB
HS Inc HS1000 BB Insulated 7" Tortilla Server, Blueberry

KaTom #: 413-HS1000BB

$79.20 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1000 CC
HS Inc HS1000 CC Insulated 7" Tortilla Server, Charcoal

KaTom #: 413-HS1000CC

$79.20 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1000 PK
HS Inc HS1000 PK Insulated 7" Tortilla Server, Paprika

KaTom #: 413-HS1000PK

$79.20 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1000 RB
HS Inc HS1000 RB Insulated 7" Tortilla Server, Raspberry

KaTom #: 413-HS1000RB

$79.20 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1001BB
HS Inc HS1001BB Insulated 8" Tortilla Server, Blueberry

KaTom #: 413-HS1001BB

$91.44 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1001CC
HS Inc HS1001CC Insulated 8" Tortilla Server, Charcoal

KaTom #: 413-HS1001CC

$91.44 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1001PK
HS Inc HS1001PK Insulated 8" Tortilla Server, Paprika

KaTom #: 413-HS1001PK

$91.44 / Dozen
HS Inc HS1001RB
HS Inc HS1001RB Insulated 8" Tortilla Server, Raspberry

KaTom #: 413-HS1001RB

$91.44 / Dozen
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