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Finding the right housekeeping cart for your establishment will come down to knowing what size you need, how many shelves it should include, and which specialty options you might benefit from. Compact models are available that can make it a little easier to maneuver in narrow quarters and keep the cart out of your guests' way. Some include a glass rack and vacuum holder for transporting those items securely. More

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Rubbermaid 1969596
Rubbermaid 1969596 Housekeeping Cart w/ Vacuum Holder - 61.75"L x 23.1...

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All housekeeping carts have certain features in common. Each has at least one receptacle for trash, a large compartment for holding towels and linens, and a smaller compartment for holding supplies. They do vary by size and the number of shelves included. A single shelf might be preferred if you'll need to transport bulky items like linens and towels, while carts with multiple shelves might lend themselves better to storing smaller items like bottles of cleaner and tiny bottles of shampoo. Some housekeeping carts also have drawers for this purpose, providing enclosed storage for small items.

Those shelves are one of the main differentiators between this equipment and a janitor cart, which is typically little more than a trash bin with an area to hold items like brooms and mop buckets. The shelves also make these units more useful for operations like hotels and events spaces, because they allow for multiple towels, linens, or tablecloths to be moved at once.

These units typically also have space for tall cleaning implements like brooms and vacuum cleaners, which are secured to the unit by their handles and sit on a small platform. Mop bucket holders typically aren't found on these because most hospitality facilities have carpeted floors in the majority of guest areas.

Specialty Options

In addition to those core features mentioned above, some are available with one or more specialty options to help you get the most out of your housekeeping cart.

  • High-security models feature lockable cabinets and storage containers that can keep contents secure when the cart is left unattended. This is a good way to protect against the theft of toiletries while staff are away from the cart cleaning a room.
  • Enclosed carts have panels and doors to conceal contents. This can help prevent the unit from becoming an eyesore to guests. These are also preferred in more formal settings like offices and events spaces because they offer a more sophisticated look than open shelves loaded with cleaners.
  • For establishments that supply drinkware to their guests, a housekeeping cart with a glass rack holder will be handy in collecting those items after they're used. These have stowage for those racks beneath the unit, which prevent them from taking up space needed for cleaning items.
  • Select a hospitality cart with a vacuum holder to keep your vacuum cleaner on board.
  • A mop/broom holder makes it easy to keep your handled tools nearby.
  • Collapsible handles can be folded up to conserve space while you store or park your cart.
  • Similarly, compact cleaning carts make it possible to stash your cart away without taking up a lot of storage area.
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