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While away from their rooms, vacationers feel comforted when they have a secure place to keep valuables such as jewelry, electronics, and wallets. To help ease their fears, place a safe in every room. These are designed to be space-efficient and easy for the guest to program. Fireproof and durable, they are a great way to ensure your guests enjoy their stay at your establishment. More

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Besides in hotel rooms, these safes can also be used in university dorms, hospital rooms, doctor's offices, and anywhere else where documents and items need to be protected. No matter where one of these room safes is going, the first consideration to think about is the exterior size of the unit. Before you purchase one, measure the dimensions of where it will go, then find a model fitting those dimensions. We have several different exterior sizes available.

You also need to think about what customers may be storing in the safe. In university dorms and hotels geared toward business travelers, for example, students and guests may be storing laptops. Since the average laptop can be as much as 18-inches wide and 13-inches deep, you need a safe that can fit these dimensions. However, it is unlikely that a patient at a medical facility will be bringing a laptop with them for an appointment, so a smaller model that could safely hold wallets, keys, and cell phones would suffice for those establishments.

Specialty Options

You can equip your hotel safe with several options in order to help it best fit your establishment. A card reader is available. This is a good option for hotels, where the guest can quickly swipe his or her keycard for access, eliminating the need to program the keypad lock. You can also purchase a model with a concealed key system. These keys ensure that you can open a safe if a customer accidently loses the card or forgets the combination. Lastly, if you want to place your unit in a wall, wall-mountable hotel safes are also available.

Color Options

Depending on the application, you may wish to put your safe in a concealed location. For example, if placing it in a hotel room, you may want to put it in a closet. However, if you are placing it somewhere such as at a doctor's office, you may want to put it somewhere easy for the customer to find it. In this case, you might want it to match the surrounding furnishings. We offer these models in either cream or black.