Hoshizaki Parts

You can easily keep your Hoshizaki model running smoothly with a selection of parts for repairing and enhancing your equipment. This selection includes replacement shelves with affordable and cleanable epoxy coatings or virtually-indestructible stainless steel. We have door reversing kits to change which side your reach-in opens from. You'll even find kits to equip your hotel ice dispenser to read room cards.

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Hoshizaki H9655-11
Hoshizaki H9655-11 Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

KaTom #: 440-H965511

Free Shiping
$67.00 / Each
Hoshizaki HS-2035
Hoshizaki HS-2035 Top Kit, 22"

KaTom #: 440-HS2035

Free Shiping
$107.50 / Each
Hoshizaki HS-2033
Hoshizaki HS-2033 Top Kit, 8"

KaTom #: 440-HS2033

Free Shiping
$97.00 / Each
Hoshizaki SD-270
Hoshizaki SD-270 16.5" x 24" Stationary Equipment Stand for DCM-270 Ic...

KaTom #: 440-SD270

Free Shiping

Hoshizaki HS-2034
Hoshizaki HS-2034 14" Ice Bin Top Kit

KaTom #: 440-HS2034

Free Shiping
$102.00 / Each
Hoshizaki LP-6 LEG
Hoshizaki LP-6 LEG 6" Stainless Steel Leg Package

KaTom #: 440-LP6LEG

$204.00 / Each
Hoshizaki URC-14F
Hoshizaki URC-14F Air Cooled Remote Ice Machine Compressor, 115v

KaTom #: 440-URC14F

Free Shiping

Hoshizaki URC-22F
Hoshizaki URC-22F Air Cooled Remote Ice Machine Compressor, 115v

KaTom #: 440-URC22F

Free Shiping

Hoshizaki URC-5F
Hoshizaki URC-5F Air Cooled Remote Ice Machine Compressor, 115v

KaTom #: 440-URC5F

Free Shiping

Hoshizaki HS0182
Hoshizaki HS0182 Ice Bin Side Trim Kit

KaTom #: 440-HS0182

Free Shiping
$112.50 / Each
Hoshizaki LP-6P LEG
Hoshizaki LP-6P LEG 6" Painted Leg Package

KaTom #: 440-LP6PLEG

$97.00 / Each
Hoshizaki SD-200
Hoshizaki SD-200 30" x 28" Stationary Equipment Stand for DM-200B Ice...

KaTom #: 440-SD200

Free Shiping

Hoshizaki SD-500
Hoshizaki SD-500 26" x 22" Stationary Equipment Stand for DCM-500 Ice...

KaTom #: 440-SD500

Free Shiping

Hoshizaki SD-750
Hoshizaki SD-750 34" x 28" Stationary Equipment Stand for DCM-751 Ice...

KaTom #: 440-SD750

Free Shiping

Hoshizaki HS-2032
Hoshizaki HS-2032 4" Ice Bin Top Kit

KaTom #: 440-HS2032

Free Shiping
$92.00 / Each
Hoshizaki HS-2036
Hoshizaki HS-2036 Ice Bin Top Kit for DB

KaTom #: 440-HS2036

Free Shiping
$92.00 / Each
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