Differences Between Type I & Type II Hoods

CaptiveAire Hood Types

Finding the right ventilation hood for your commercial kitchen is important to employee safety and comfort, as well as essential for meeting mandatory health codes. Commercial kitchen hoods pull heat, steam, and smoke out of the workspace, improving air quality, keeping ambient temperatures down, and providing fire protection. There are two main types of commercial kitchen hood available: type I hoods and type II hoods, sometimes also written as type 1 hoods and type 2 hoods. The one your facility needs will be dictated by the type of equipment your kitchen has and spelled out in your local regulations. Below we explain their differences to arm you with the knowledge to find the right fit for your commercial kitchen's needs.

Type I Hoods

Type I hoods, also sometimes called grease hoods, are designed to remove heat, smoke, condensation, and grease from commercial kitchens. These are used over cooktops, deep fryers, grills, and ranges, as well as any other cooking equipment that is likely to produce grease-laden vapors. Type I hoods include baffle-style hood filters that help capture and contain grease, limiting how much reaches the ductwork of the exhaust system. In some instances, Type I hoods may also be used for solid fuel cooking appliances, but in most cases those must have their own hoods not shared with nearby equipment. Those also typically have and spark arrestor hood filters to prevent burning embers from reaching the exhaust ductwork.

Because Type I hoods remove grease from the air, regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial. Without regular cleaning, greasy compounds can build up and create a fire hazard in the hood, the connected ductwork, and the external components.

Because Type I hoods must be designed to properly cover every piece of cooking equipment in a lineup, they are always custom pieces ordered on a customer's specification. To buy one, you'll need to provide information like the length and depth of the cookline, the type of equipment in each area of it, and what makeup air sources are available.

Type II Hoods

Often called condensate hoods, Type II hoods mitigate heat, steam, vapors, odors, and moisture common in commercial kitchens. It's important to know that a Type II hood cannot be used where grease-laden vapors are produced. This type of hood is commonly installed over commercial dishwashers, and, depending on local codes, may also be used over light-duty ovens, toasters, hot dog cookers, rice cookers, pasta cookers, and steam tables.

The Type II hood is primarily used to create a more comfortable work environment for kitchen staff, and can be an important tool in helping prevent the mold and mildew growth that can result from moisture buildup. Many Type II hoods are designed to be used without vents or ductwork, making their installation much easier. Because of this, they are generally less expensive and less custom than their counterparts, but their usage is greatly restricted by local codes.

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