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Hobart offers slicers for both heavy-duty and medium-duty applications. Hobart slicers are built for safety, with several features like no-volt shutoff and safety guard interlocks that help prevent operators from getting hurt. Get the perfect cut today with a manual or automatic Hobart meat slicer from KaTom Restaurant Supply. More

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Whether you run a large dining establishment or a small deli, having a high-quality meat slicer can make a significant difference in the amount of time spent on food preparation and the quality of the product. Hobart commercial meat slicers have many features that can help you optimize the flow of your kitchen. High-volume models are available that can produce as many as 58 slices per minute, include automatic blade sharpeners, and have as many as six safety interlocks to protect operators.

Common Questions About Hobart Slicers

Are Hobart slicers easy to disassemble and clean?

Hobart slicers include multiple features developed to facilitate sanitation, including an exclusive tilting carriage system that can separate system components for quick cleanings throughout the day. Their carriages are also removable for full cleaning and sanitation at the end of each day or shift. Their one-piece bases have fewer crevices that can capture residue and harbor bacteria, while a lift-assist feature makes it easier to clean under the slicers. Every HS Series slicer can be ordered with a removable blade and a blade-handling tool that keeps users safe. The entire assembly can be run through a warewasher or three-sink system without dishwasher exposure to the metal's sharp edge.

How much horsepower do Hobart meat slicers have?

All Hobart slicers are equipped with an industry-leading 12-horsepower motor that can handle slicing of both meat and cheese without shredding delicate items. That motor also powers a poly V-belt drive system that provides quieter operation and typically incurs lower costs when repairs are needed as compared to gear-drive systems. In Hobart Edge slicers, the company's medium-duty offerings, the drive system operates at 300 RPM, while that number jumps to 430 RPM in heavy-duty Hobart HS Series slicers.

What types of meats and other foods are Hobart slicers designed to cut?

Every model is capable of handling both meat and cheese, with the size of the slicing blade dictating how much product the unit can handle. Hobart Edge slicers are available with both 12- and 13-inch carbon steel blades, while Hobart HS Series slicers all have 13-inch cobalt blades. Edge slicers are rated for use from 2 to 4 hours per day, with capacity for cheese slicing for half the total use time. HS models are rated for use for more than 4 hours per day, including for use exclusively with cheese.

What features are unique to Hobart deli slicers?

All Hobart slicers come with an industry-leading 12-horsepower motor and are built to outperform comparable units from other manufacturers. They also have an exclusive tilting, removable carriage system that makes them easier to keep clean and allows for complete sanitizing after each day of use. Finally, Hobart slicers have an extensive suite of features dedicated to protecting users, from interlocks that keep them from working if something is amiss to a 30-second idle shut-off to a function that limits blade exposure by keeping the motor from starting if the carriage is not in the "home" position.

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