The Hobart Legacy Floor Mixer Buyers' Guide

Build Your Own Legacy with the Hobart Legacy Mixer

If your foodservice operation needs a commercial floor mixer to handle a high volume of product, consider investing in a Hobart Legacy Mixer. This line of planetary mixers was introduced in 2003 by a company that has provided the foodservice industry with high-quality and dependable equipment for more than a century. These models have been recognized as Overall Best in Class Floor Mixers by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine multiple times, including in 2015, continuing to prove their reputation for excellence and consistency.

The Benefits of a Hobart Legacy Mixer

Every Legacy mixer includes a number of standard features that make it easy and safe to use. That includes a revolutionary swing-out bowl that makes it easy to mount and remove the bowl, add ingredients, or take out product. The spring-loaded bowl lock prevents the mixer from starting before the bowl is locked into place, but can be easily released once the operator is ready to access the bowl again. The bowl guard, which must be closed for operation, and the bowl height sensors, which verify that the bowl is fully raised, are additional protective measures that help ensure operator safety.

The Hobart Legacy Mixer utilizes the company's patented soft-start Agitation Technology, implementing the same agitator speeds that have always provided customers with mixing consistency. New "Shift-on-the-Fly" speed controls let you easily change speeds while the mixer is running. The basic 15-minute SmartTimer helps you avoid overmixing and Automatic Time Recall facilitates the production of multiple batches of the same product by recalling the most recently used times for each speed setting.

Additional Features

With capacity options of 20-, 30-, 40-, 60-, 80-, and 140-quarts, you'll be able to find the right size mixer for your commercial operation's needs. Some of the higher-capacity models come with additional features.

For example, the Hobart 60-quart mixer, as well as the 80-quart and 140-quart models, have a 50-minute SmartTimer instead of the standard 15-minute SmartTimer. Those models also have four speeds instead of the basic three: Stir (23 RPM), First (46 RPM), Second (80 RPM), Third (150 RPM), and Fourth (265 RPM). Every model transitions slowly from a lower speed to a higher speed to prevent product from splashing out. Some models include SmartPlus technology that lets you program multiple recipes.

The Hobart 20-quart mixer is a departure from the other, larger Legacy mixer models. At just a little more than 2 feet in height, its smaller size allows it to sit on a countertop as long as you have the vertical clearance. The Hobart 20-quart mixer comes with the same standard benefits as its larger cousins, but is ideal for restaurants or bakeries that don't have the space or volume requirement for those bigger options.

With stainless steel construction, NSF certification, heavy-duty endurance, and an array of available attachments, the Hobart Legacy Mixer is a reliable option for any foodservice operation looking to invest in a commercial mixer.