Hobart Legacy Mixers' VFD Technology

Hobart VFD Technology

Hobart mixers have earned a reputation among bakers and chefs as being some of the longest-lasting commercial mixers on the market. The planetary mixer design remained practically unchanged for nearly 100 years, and it's not uncommon to hear stories of decades-old Hobart equipment still mixing away in kitchens across the United States. To build on that legacy of quality and durability, Hobart unveiled an updated version of the mixer in 2003 that included new technological and safety features. Among those improvements to Hobart mixers is the variable-frequency drive motor.

Hobart's variable-frequency drive (VFD) motor is a piece of technology that boosts a mixer's longevity, as well as its usability. A VFD motor is able to constantly gauge the workload placed on it by measuring the electrical current drawn by the motor. VFD technology allows the mixer to respond in real time to a change in that workload by adjusting the mixer's power output. This system provides a number of advantages.

Consistent Results

Traditional mixers often slow down under the burden of dense mixtures and thick doughs, making it difficult for bakers to achieve consistent results from batch to batch. Hobart's VFD technology helps avoid that disadvantage by boosting the machine's power to provide a consistent speed no matter the density of the product being mixed. The VFD system monitors the load on the motor. If its safe limit is exceeded, the equipment will shut down to avoid damage to mixer components from being overworked.

Shift-on-the-fly Mixing

Traditional mixers require users to completely stop the mixer before changing speeds, a task that can slow a baker's progress. Failure to do so will inevitably damage the machine's transmission, leading to an eventual breakdown. Hobart VFD motors do away with that inconvenience and potential for damage by enabling users to "shift on the fly," changing the mixer's speed any time they please without stopping the mixer. This feature not only saves time, but it also helps prolong the life of the motor by avoiding the wear and tear that results from the mixer being stopped and started.

Slow Start

VFD motors allow Hobart Legacy mixers to start slowly and accelerate to their full speeds over the course of a few seconds, instead of starting abruptly at full power. This soft start helps prevent ingredients from splashing out of the bowl, helping to keep workspaces clean and sanitary, and protecting precise measures in recipes. This feature also limits the wear and tear on the mixer from abrupt starts and helps the equipment's components last longer.

Slow Stir Speed

VFD technology allows Hobart Legacy mixers to be equipped with a stir setting that runs the motor at a much slower speed than is achievable with traditional technology. This setting allows the user to slowly incorporate their mixtures ingredients before switching to a full mix speed in order to prevent ingredients from being thrown out of the bowl. A stir setting can also help preserve the integrity of more delicate products.