A Guide to Choosing the Right Hobart Mixer

From the Hobart N50 Mixer to a 60-qt. Hobart Mixer

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Professional chefs have relied on Hobart mixers for generations, with a trust afforded only to the best commercial equipment. The company is known for building reliable and lasting pieces, and the Hobart mixer is certainly no exception. Every mixer Hobart produces comes with more than a century-worth of experience in constructing quality.

Hobart planetary mixers have been the standard in that area of restaurant equipment for nearly as long as the company has been in business. You'll find unparalleled strength and speed from Hobart stand mixers to a 140-quart dough mixer. Those are now joined by the 180-pound capacity HSL180 Spiral Mixer and 220-pound capacity HSL220 Spiral Mixer.

Every mixer Hobart makes is backed by testing under extreme conditions in the manufacturer’s unique technical center, which puts critical components of every model through work they’ll likely never face in your kitchen. These mixers also come with the assurance of the only nationwide, factory-trained service team.

With so many great choices, it may seem a challenge to pick the right Hobart mixer for your commercial kitchen. Fortunately, we offer this guide to the mixers.

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Hobart Spiral Mixers

Hobart N50 Mixer

Hobart N50 Mixer

The right Hobart mixer for: Low-volume or space-constrained commercial kitchens, or as a supplement to one or more other Hobart mixers in busier operations.

The Hobart N50 Mixer may be small at just 5 quarts, but it packs a lot of power and durability into its countertop-worthy frame. The 1/6-horsepower fixed-speed motor on this Hobart stand mixer was engineered specifically for this little powerhouse. It relies on a gear-driven three-speed transmission that ensures reliable performance without belt slips, with the positive drive system charging through even heavy loads.

The speed of the N50 Mixer is controlled by a simple lever right next to the power switch, which is intentionally oversized to make it easy to use. Another convenient lever allows the user to raise and lower the bowl, ensuring the right mix all the way down to the bottom. This Hobart stand mixer also has a hub on the front for attaching those handy mixer accessories.

Standard equipment: There is a Hobart N50 mixer set including a 5-quart bowl, a flat beater, a wire whip, and a dough hook; and the stand mixer with a bowl and a stainless beater.

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Legacy Countertop Hobart Mixers

Legacy Countertop Hobart Mixers

The right Hobart mixer for: Commercial kitchens that need a little more power than the Hobart N50 Mixer can provide, but still in a convenient size. The Legacy countertop line includes the HL120 Hobart 12-quart mixer and the HL200 Hobart 20-quart mixer.

This is the planetary mixer the folks at Hobart say “revolutionized” the industry thanks to its being the first of its kind on the market. Legacy stand mixers are built to last, with major components tested under real-world and even extreme conditions for endurance. In case you’re wondering, the Legacy countertop mixer passed with flying colors, which provides you assurance it can handle just about anything you might mix in your commercial kitchen.

This is the only unit of its kind with a swing-out bowl, which makes installing or changing bowls, and adding or removing food during the mixing process much easier. An ergonomic lift handle allows for effortless lifting and lowering of the bowl, while Shift-on-the-Fly technology allows for moving through the gear-driven motor’s transmission settings as you work. Quick release agitators on these Hobart mixers also make clean-up a breeze.

The Legacy countertop mixer comes in two models, each distinct for the amount of material it can work with. There's also a version that is built specifically for correctional institutions, with a heavy-duty bowl guard with a stainless wire front and a solid rear portion, as well as internally sealed power buttons to prevent tampering.

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HL120 Legacy Countertop Hobart Mixer

The HL120 Legacy mixer can handle 12 quarts of ingredients at a time, with a heavy-duty, 1/2-horsepower motor and three fixed speeds, plus a stir speed. This Hobart stand mixer has large, easy-to-reach controls; a 15-minute timer; single-point bowl installation; and patented soft start agitation technology that prevents the beater from throwing dry ingredients upon starting. The HL120 Legacy countertop Hobart mixer is even so smart that it “remembers” the last time set for each speed, making it easy to repeat a recipe that requires precise timing.

Accessory packages for this Hobart stand mixer:

Standard Accessory Package with 12-quart bowl, beater, and wire whip, all constructed of stainless steel.

Deluxe Accessory Package with 12-quart stainless steel bowl, beater, wire whip, bowl scraper, and ingredient chute.

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HL200 Legacy Countertop Hobart 20-Quart Mixer

The HL200 Legacy Mixer offers the same power as the HL120 Legacy Mixer and a 20-quart capacity. At the heart of every HL200 Legacy mixer is a gear-driven, 1/2-horsepower motor, with three speeds and a stir mode. This Hobart stand mixer also has Shift-on-the-Fly controls, soft start agitation, a 15-minute timer, and a swing-out bowl with one interlocking point, making for easy loading and unloading.

This Hobart 20-quart mixer is so popular that the company makes an HL200 correctional model. The bowl guard is welded on, the controls are locked, and it’s equipped with other tamper-resistant safety features to ensure it’s not used improperly.

Accessory packages for the HL200 20-quart mixer:

Standard Accessory Package with stainless 20-quart bowl, beater, and wire whip.

Deluxe Accessory Package with bowl, beater, wire whip, bowl scraper, and ingredient chute, all of stainless steel.

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Floor-model Legacy Mixers

Hobart Legacy Floor Mixer

The right Hobart mixer for: High-volume commercial kitchens that handle large batches of ingredients at one time, including bakeries and institutional foodservice operations.

These mixers, available in sizes ranging from 30-quart to 140-quart, continue the Hobart legacy of providing thorough, consistent commercial mixers. They also stand on their own reputation, earned in every commercial kitchen that has relied on one of these floor mixers.

Legacy floor-model Hobart mixers include a long line of touches that make them simple to use. A power lift hoists heavy loads of ingredients onto this stand mixer, while an exclusive swing-out feature for the bowl allows for easy addition of ingredients and removal of the final product. Each model of Legacy floor-model mixer Hobart offers comes with Shift-on-the-Fly technology that allows you to change speeds while the mixer is running, soft-start design that ensures smooth transitions between speeds, and SmartTimer programming that allows for precisely timed mixing. That timer also has a memory that allows it to recall how long each speed was used last, meaning you don’t have to set it every time you use the same recipe in succession.

Each Legacy floor-model mixer has large, easy-to-reach controls, while a stainless steel bowl guard that prevents ingredients being pushed out. The single-point bowl installation means you won’t have to spend time wrestling with this Hobart mixer to get the bowl on or off.

Here are the details on each model in this category:

Legacy HL300 30-qt. mixer: a 3/4-horsepower motor, three fixed speeds plus stir speed, 15-minute timer, and a 30-quart stainless steel bowl.

Legacy HL400 40-qt. mixer: a 1.5-horsepower motor, three fixed speeds plus stir speed, 20-minute timer, and a 40-quart bowl in stainless steel.

Legacy HL600 60-qt. mixer: a 2.7-horsepower motor, four fixed speeds plus stir speed, 50-minute timer, and a 60-quart stainless bowl.

Legacy HL800 80-qt. mixer: a heavy-duty 3-horsepower motor, four fixed speeds plus stir speed, 50-minute timer, and an 80-quart stainless steel bowl.

Legacy HL1400 140-qt. Mixer: a heavy-duty 5-horsepower motor, four fixed speeds plus stir speed, 50-minute timer, and a 140-quart bowl with a bowl truck for easy moving around your commercial kitchen.

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Legacy HL662 Hobart Dough Mixer

HL662 Hobart Dough Mixer

The right Hobart mixer for: Pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants offering fresh bread, institutional kitchens.

Every Legacy HL662 60-qt. dough mixer has a heavy-duty 2.7-horsepower motor and a stainless bowl. All of these Hobart mixers have an open base, which makes it easy to load the bowl either by hand or with the optional bowl truck, and come with a power bowl lift. The bowl mounts at one point, making it easier to get in place and enabling it to swing out for adding ingredients or removing the final product.

The Legacy HL662 Hobart dough mixer comes with a SmartTimer, which is adjustable up to 50 minutes, and automatic time recall that remembers how long you last ran the mixer at each of the two fixed agitator speeds. Those two speed options offer one perfect for mixing ingredients and the other just right for kneading dough. There’s also Shift-on-the-Fly technology that allows the operator to change speeds while this 60-qt. mixer is loaded and soft start programming that ensures a smooth transition on starting and when changing speeds, preventing product loss.

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Hobart Spiral Mixer

Hobart Spiral Mixer

The right Hobart mixer for: Large pizzerias, high-volume bakeries, and other commercial kitchens that need to prepare dough in big quantities.

The Hobart spiral mixers are the newest models in the line, but they have quickly become some of the most popular thanks to their reliable build, consistent results, and ability to produce dough in massive amounts.

These spiral mixers are specifically designed to prohibit air from getting into the mixture, which provides better dough. That’s achieved thanks to the two precisely-timed agitator speeds, and the fact the dough hook and the bowl both rotate. The bowl itself is fixed to a platform that spins on ball bearings, which eliminate the need for extra support and add durability. Easy-to-read controls on these dough mixers also help ensure you get the right mix, as do dual 20-minute electronic timer controls, which allow you to set your mixer for automatic shifting between speeds.

The bowl drive on every Hobart spiral mixer is reversible, which makes it easy to fully incorporate new ingredients or mix small batches. Each commercial mixer in the line has a variable spiral arm motor that achieves 3.5 horsepower and 100 RPM in low speed, and 6.4 horsepower and 200 RPM in high speed. They also have a 1-horsepower bowl motor that revs to 15 RPM.

The HSL180 Spiral Mixer has a stainless steel 150-quart bowl and a 180-pound capacity, while the HSL220 Spiral Mixer has a 170-quart stainless steel bowl and a 220-pound capacity.

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Need More Guidance to Find the Right Hobart Mixer?

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