Choosing a Hobart Dishwasher from the LXe Series

The Hobart LXe Series Offers Compact Efficiency

Hobart is a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment known for its mixers and slicers, but the company also offers commercial dishwashers designed to provide that same level of efficiency and performance. The LXe series includes the high-temp LXeH and low-temp LXeC base models, as well as the high-temp LXeR and low-temp LXePR Advansys models. Below are six ways your business could benefit from a Hobart undercounter dishwasher from this series.

  1. LXe Dishwashers Offer Long-Term Savings. These Hobart dishwashers are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they adhere to strict efficiency standards that make them less costly to operate. The Advansys LXePR uses 1.14 gallons of water per rack, while the LXeR uses just .62 and the LXeC and LXeH base models each use .74 gallons of water per rack. Based on the Advansys LXeR running 60 cycles per day, Hobart estimates the machine can save a business as much as $485 each year; the estimated savings increase with a higher number of daily cycles.

  2. Avoid Steaming Up the Kitchen. The LXeR high-temp Advansys model comes standard with the company's energy-recovery technology, which uses the hot water vapor produced in each warewashing cycle to preheat the incoming water for the next cycle. Because of this recapturing process, which collects the steam as water droplets, this model releases almost no steam when the door is opened at the end of a cycle. This Hobart undercounter dishwasher does not require a hood, nor does it release a lot of heat into the kitchen.

  3. Clean Without Any Chemical Residue. The chemical agent used in low-temp machines can leave residue on glassware that negatively impacts the taste of beverages and may also prevent beer from forming an attractive foam head. However, the LXePR low-temp Advansys model is equipped with PuriRinse, which relies on cold water to remove that chemical residue. This process protects the taste of the drinks you serve to help ensure each customer has a positive experience.

  4. Every High-Temp Model Includes a Booster Heater. Each LXe high-temp model includes one of Hobart's Sense-A-Temp booster heaters to provide a 70 degree Fahrenheit rise that ensures water reaches the temperature required for full sanitization. As long as your incoming water is at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit, this built-in booster heater will bring it to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won't need to install a separate heater.

  5. Cleans with Multiple Cycle Options. Although the LXe base models provide one wash cycle setting and one rinse cycle setting, Hobart LXe Advansys dishwashers allow operators to choose from light, normal, and heavy cycles so they can be sure to get each batch of wares cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. The light cycle will more quickly wash wares that aren't heavily soiled, while the heavy cycle has been NSF certified for washing pots and pans. The Autoclean feature sprays wares down with a quick but powerful rinse cycle, while spray nozzles thoroughly clean every area of the washer's interior to target food debris and residue and clean every side of your wares. Additionally, the Soft Start function gently begins each cycle to prevent more fragile dishes and glassware from breaking due to sudden pressure.

  6. Easily Operated with Microcomputer Controls. With a digital display and touchpad controls, these Hobart dishwashers are easy to operate without much training. A push button interface allows operators to scroll up and down through cycle options before selecting the appropriate one. The programming work is done through the Smart Display, which directs the user through the process, including prompts to add rinse aid if it has been forgotten. The Smart Display also provides clear maintenance instructions, such as when a wash arm needs to be unclogged and when the unit needs to be delimed.

Add the LXe Series to Your Kitchen

To learn more about this Hobart undercounter dishwasher series, consult the manufacturer's chart below to compare each model side-by-side. For additional information or to purchase a unit, contact a knowledgeable customer care representative by calling 1-800-541-8683 or emailing

LXe Hobart Dishwasher Chart