Hatco Booster Heater & Water Heater

Hatco booster heaters are designed to bring water up to temperatures as high as 180 degrees F, the temperature necessary to sanitize dishes for the final rinse cycle. A Hatco booster can be interfaced with high-temp dishmachines or compartment sinks. Other Hatco water heaters can be used to build food rethermalizing systems, which take advantage of a gentle water bath to reheat chilled food in bags or containers.

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Hatco 3CS2-3 208
Hatco 3CS2-3 208 Hydro-Heater Sink Heater, 3-kW, 208/1 V

SKU: 042-3CS23208

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Hatco 3CS4208
Hatco 3CS4208 Sanitizing Sink Heater, 4.5 kW, 208 V, 1 ph

SKU: 042-3CS4208

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Hatco MC-11 240/1
Hatco MC-11 240/1 Compact Booster Heater, 9.9-kW, 240/1 V

SKU: 042-MC112401

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