Hatco Specialty Equipment

This specialty equipment can streamline your kitchen operations and make life a little easier for staff. Hatco lighting provides an energy-efficient solution for illuminating your kitchen work areas, while a Hatco oven provides a space-saving way to heat and finish small portions, freeing up your larger equipment. Hatco hot water dispensers give staff convenient access to hot water for cooking and making drinks. Other specialty equipment, like Hatco heated wells and heated holding cabinets, can round out your food holding equipment so you can keep virtually any food product at the right serving temperature.

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Hatco HWBI-5MA 2081
Hatco HWBI-5MA 2081 (5) Full Size Heated Well, Insulated, Drain &...

SKU: 042-HWBI5MA2081

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Hatco HWBI-S3MA 2081
Hatco HWBI-S3MA 2081 Built-In Slim Heated Well w/ Manifold Drain &...

SKU: 042-HWBIS3MA2081

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Hatco HWBI-S4M 2081
Hatco HWBI-S4M 2081 Built-In Slim Heated Well w/ Manifold Drain &...

SKU: 042-HWBIS4M2081

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Hatco HWBH-FUL 240
Hatco HWBH-FUL 240 Full Size Heated Well w/ High Watt, 240 V


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