Hand Dryers

Because of their potential to save on costs, cleanliness, and eco-friendly operation, commercial hand dryers are gaining in popularity over paper towels. From basic hand dryers that blow ambient temperature air to high-tech devices that kill germs, these devices have the potential to pay for themselves in a short time. More

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We sell the most popular hand dryer brands, including the Dyson hand dryer and the full line of American Dryer products. With units that range in drying time from 10-80 seconds, your patrons and employees are sure to appreciate how quickly and thoroughly they can dry their hands. There are hand dryers with automatic or push button operation. Automatic models will help reduce the spread of germs, while the push button variety puts more control in the operator's hands.

Many of the hand dryers we offer are ADA compliant, making them more convenient for all your patrons and staff. Many, such as the Dyson hand dryer line have HEPA filters, while others kill germs, so there is no need for a filter. Some of the most cutting edge models have dryers built into the faucet mechanism, helping take up less space and adding one-stop convenience to help generate a cleaner, more hygienic restroom.