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Salt and pepper shakers are staples of any tableware set, with designs available to fit any table's décor. Sets are available in metal, plastic, and glass, and some even have a splash of color. You can choose a salt shaker with an open perforated top, or you can instead select one with a moisture-proof lid. Whether you want a traditional glass shaker or a modern angular set made of metal, you'll find the salt or pepper shaker you need here. These pieces are small but necessary accessories for any commercial establishment, and conscientious operators will try to find the set that best accents their existing visuals. We'll go over KaTom's selection below and then answer some common questions. More

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Schonwald 9184020
Schonwald 9184020 2.25" Pepper Shaker - Donna Pattern, White

KaTom #: 024-9184020

$203.69 / 2 Dozen
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Common Questions About Salt and Pepper Shakers

What style of salt or pepper shaker does my establishment need?

With scores of options available, choosing the right shaker can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, these pieces are small and are generally not too expensive, so you can always change your mind later. The first thing you need to decide in choosing shakers is the extent to which aesthetics will matter. All of the options we offer will do the job, but they vary greatly in their artistry. We carry pragmatic pieces with little decoration to them, but we also carry highly stylized shakers that can be a visual focal point in any table setting.

Of course, these various pieces will fit in different settings. A casual, no-frills restaurant will want the simplest options available, while a fine-dining establishment will want to peruse the most creative versions, such as the tower, square, or porcelain choices.

Should I get transparent or opaque shakers?

Transparent shakers enable operators and customers to see the quantity remaining inside the container. This design saves workers time as they check on each table after busing and decreases the odds that customers will have to ask for a replacement shaker. For these reasons, glass or clear plastic shakers are preferred for any establishment in which they would fit the style. However, because they have been so ubiquitous in the past, operators that want to make a statement with their table setting decorations have begun to shy away from clear options. Consider if your existing visual theme will be complemented by clear shakers – if not, pick a decorative style that would best suit you.

What other styles are available?

Even among glass or transparent plastic models, you have a lot of choices. We carry models with glass handles that resemble mason jars, models with gold emblazoned lids, many featuring interesting shapes, and some with colorful tops and bottoms. Ceramic or porcelain models are another popular choice, and their smooth design can add a touch of class to your table service.

Should I get a set with a caddy?

Caddies not only enable servers to handle both the pepper and salt shakers at the same time, they also provide an extra visual element to the display. Caddies give a defined place for the shakers to go and prevent accidental spillage. The caddy is an additional expense, however, so establishments with a low budget for accessories can usually do without a salt and pepper shaker caddy.

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