Gamco has a wide selection of commercial washroom accessories, including everything from recessed trash cans to grab bars. Postindustrial, recycled stainless steel grab bars ensure your restroom is ADA compliant, and installing an automatic hand dryer can help you decrease waste. Below you will find a wide selection of Gamco products as well as more information about the brand. More

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Gamco C-24X36
Gamco C-24X36 Channel-Frame Mirror, 24" x 36", Galvanized Steel

KaTom #: 948-C24X36

$55.56 / Each
Gamco DR-5120
Gamco DR-5120 Automatic Hand Dryer - SteriTouch, White

KaTom #: 948-DR5120

$349.43 / Each
Gamco WR-6
Gamco WR-6 12 Gallon Recessed Bathroom Trash Can, Satin Stainless

KaTom #: 948-WR6

$174.71 / Each
Gamco 125-SWING-UP
Gamco 125-SWING-UP 30" Swing Up Grab Bar w/ Swivel Hinge, Stainless St...

KaTom #: 948-125SWINGUP

$149.96 / Each
Gamco 814
Gamco 814 Mounted Double Toilet Tissue Holder, Aluminum

KaTom #: 948-814

$14.54 / Each
Gamco A-18X30
Gamco A-18X30 Welded Frame Mirror - 18" x 30", Satin Stainless

KaTom #: 948-A18X30

$67.54 / Each
Gamco A-18X36
Gamco A-18X36 Welded Frame Mirror - 18" x 36", Satin Stainless

KaTom #: 948-A18X36

$66.27 / Each
Gamco A-24X26
Gamco A-24X26 Welded Frame Mirror - 24" x 26", Satin Stainless

KaTom #: 948-A24X26

$79.14 / Each
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Common Questions About Gamco

What is Gamco?

Gamco, a division of Bobrick, is a company based out of Durant, Okla., that focuses on washroom accessories such as stainless steel grab bars, towel dispensers, waste receptacles, toilet tissue holders, hand dryers, mirrors, and soap dispensers. Gamco also offers options to customize restroom products with solid brass, solid bronze, or powder-coated finishes in a variety of colors.

Why are Gamco trash cans recessed?

Recessed Gamco trash cans are a great way to save space in smaller restrooms. These products are built into the wall and feature paper towel dispensers on top, so you don't have to waste space with a trash can on the ground. Since guests will have convenient access to this garbage can when using a paper towel, it will also help keep your restrooms sanitary. Recessed trash cans are available in 2-gallon, 3-gallon, or 12-gallon options, depending on your needs.

How do Gamco grab bars meet ADA standards?

Installing a Gamco grab bar will help ensure your restroom meets ADA Standards for accessible design, providing guests who require assistance with a safe experience when using the restroom. This product is necessary to help customers with mobility limitations who may not be able to maneuver on their own without falling. These bars are sold in lengths of 18 inches to 48 inches to ensure they will fit any restroom application. In addition to the typical grab bar, you will also find a swing-up version. This model is only attached to one part of the wall and has a hinge so it can swing up when not in use and be pulled out when necessary. When installing this product, keep in mind that the grab bar is only as strong as the wall it is attached to.

Which Gamco mirrors will fit in my restroom?

Gamco mirrors range from 26 to 36 inches in height, and 18 to 24 inches in width, so you should be able to find a mirror to fit your restroom. To give your establishment a different look, Gamco also has an option for tilted mirrors and stainless steel mirror shelves. These shelves will help your mirror seamlessly connect to your countertop, adding cohesiveness to your space. They range in width from 18 inches to 24 inches, with the option to custom order shelves with widths as big as 60 inches.

What other Gamco bathroom accessories are available?

Gamco bathroom accessories include mounted and recessed toilet paper dispensers. Mounted units are attached to the wall by sheet metal screws, but if you are looking for a more compact option for a smaller space, recessed dispensers may be the way to go. Much like the recessed trash cans, these products are built into the wall to create more space while also providing a minimalist look. These models store either one or two toilet paper rolls at a time.

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