Custom Restaurant Furniture

Custom Restaurant Furniture for Your Dining Room

A comfortable dining room makes guests feel invited into your restaurant and encourages them to make your eatery a regular haunt. Every restaurant's needs are unique, and that's why one-size-fits-all seating is sometimes not the best option for discerning operators. KaTom offers custom restaurant furniture from a number of manufacturers that specialize in designing seating solutions to perfectly match your unique restaurant furniture design needs.

H Park Seating

Based in Circle Pines, Minn., H Park Seating offers a complete selection of dining room furniture, from the flagship Contour Mold economy booths with laminate finishes up to the deluxe Briarwood booths with cushioned backs, and the fully-cushioned and upholstered Pearl, Lexington, Sullivan, and Winston lines. The company's factory can provide custom sizing and build booths to fit whatever space you need to outfit, including corners. H Park also offers metal seating from its Highland Park and Minnetonka collections, and wooden chairs in the North Oak line.

Self edge, solid wood, metal edge, and wood edge tabletops are also available from H Park Seating, in addition to the table bases to mount them on. The company also offers low-maintenance cluster seating, available with the option for wall-position, wall-mount, and free-standing installation, and with upholstered or solid wood chairs. To round out your H Park furniture collection, choose from a number of trash containers and condiment stations to match your setup and restaurant furniture design needs.

Vitro Seating

Vitro Seating furniture is built to order in the company's factory in St. Louis. The team there is capable of creating highly-customized furniture that includes matching virtually any fabric sample provided. It also offers 25 standard and 22 premium powder coat finishes on metal pieces. That diversity, combined with 250 stocked upholstery colors and hundreds of patterns of laminate, make the possibilities for outfitting your dining room virtually endless.

Vitro is perhaps best known for the Fabulous 50's line built in the style of retro diner furniture. That line features a full selection of seating, including booths, chairs, and barstools, most of which are available with any of the dozens of custom and premium upholstery patterns, including the popular glittering Zodiac selection.

Vitro Design Group can help bring your vision for your dining room from an artistic concept to a complete installation. Their team of professional designers takes into consideration everything about your individual situation, including budget, the expectations of your clientele, and the atmosphere you want to create. They'll help you decide on every dimension of your dining room - not just the seating, but your décor and lighting options, as well.

All About Furniture

AAF wood furniture is made with German beech wood, a strong, wear-resistant wood that is easily formed into the many unique pieces. Chairs are available with finishes of black, cherry, dark mahogany, natural, and walnut. The available upholstery choices are nearly endless, including dozens of economy, mid-grade, and premium options.

AAF also builds custom booths at its Norcross, Ga., factory. Available options include 3-channel, 6-channel, 12-channel, V-back, button-back, and plain-back booths. In addition to fully upholstered models, wood booths are available with and without seat and back pads. AAF can stain booths in black, cherry, dark mahogany, natural, or walnut, and can also accommodate custom stain requests. Booths can be upholstered with the same materials as custom chairs.

Oak Street

Workers in Oak Street's manufacturing plant in Monticello, Iowa, build custom restaurant furniture, including booths, chairs, and tables. Oak Street chairs are available with metal frames with metalor wood backs and in all-wood versions made with European beech wood in natural, mahogany, walnut, and black finishes. For the ultimate custom flair, Oak Street can also laser cut your brand into chair backs.

Oak Street can create virtually any booth you can dream up, including seating with custom vinyl, upholstery, and wood stains in dozens of shapes and sizes. Provide a convenience your customers are unlikely to find anywhere else with the Courtesy Charge, an electrical outlet with USB ports that can be added to custom booths to allow guests to charge their mobile devices as they dine.

Order a custom tabletop from Oak Street with one of four edge options: 45 degree bevels, waterfall, double waterfall, and eased. A seemingly endless supply of Wilson Art, Formica, Nevamar, and Pionite laminates are available to provide a custom surface. Oak Street's unique E*Wood tabletops are made with engineered wood panels with oak and maple facings in a number of stain options that give the appeal of wood with the durability to resist warping, cracking, and splitting.