Fryer Cleaning Tools

These pieces enable you to ensure your frypot gets completely cleared during regular filtering and cleaning. A clean-out rod is used to push crumbs from around the element to the drain and then to help ensure those go down the drain. Brushes enable you to ensure there is no build up on the element that can shorten its life and ruin the flavor of your oil. They're also a necessary part of regular boil-out procedures, enabling you to clean both the sides of the vat and into hard-to-reach parts of it.

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Globe FRYCOVER1016
Globe FRYCOVER1016 Cover, For 10/16-lb Fryer


Globe FRYCOVER32 Cover, For 32-lb Fryer


Carlisle 4011600
Carlisle 4011600 23" Fryer Brush

SKU: 028-4011600

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