Food Pan Cover

Food pan covers are a vital part of a safe and efficient food holding system. They keep contaminants out and heat in, so you can ensure consistency and sanitation on your buffet, prep table, or fridge. Many offer slots to accommodate serving spoons, and others have flip tops for convenient plating and self-service. They're available in sizes to fit any food pan.

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Cambro 35CLRCW135
Cambro 35CLRCW135 Camwear Colander - 1/3 Size, 5"D, Clear

KaTom #: 144-35CLRCW135

In Stock
$5.93 / Each
Cambro 25CLRCW135
Cambro 25CLRCW135 Camwear Colander - Half Size, 5"D, Clear

KaTom #: 144-25CLRCW135

$7.00 / Each
Cambro 15CLRHP150
Cambro 15CLRHP150 H-Pan Colander - Full Size, 5"D, Amber

KaTom #: 144-15CLRHP150

$41.83 / Each
Cambro 35CLRHP150
Cambro 35CLRHP150 H-Pan Colander - 1/3 Size, 5"D, Amber

KaTom #: 144-35CLRHP150

$19.57 / Each
Cambro 15CLRCW135
Cambro 15CLRCW135 Camwear Colander - Full Size, 5"D, Clear

KaTom #: 144-15CLRCW135

In Stock
$13.67 / Each
Cambro 65CLRHP150
Cambro 65CLRHP150 H-Pan Colander - 1/6 Size, 5"D, Amber

KaTom #: 144-65CLRHP150

In Stock
$10.75 / Each
Cambro 25CLRHP150
Cambro 25CLRHP150 H-Pan Colander - Half Size, 5"D, Amber

KaTom #: 144-25CLRHP150

$22.10 / Each
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