Melon Baller

Perfect for watermelons, cantaloupe and honeydew, food ballers can also be used with many other foods such as potatoes, apples, ice cream, butter, and more. A great way to make uniform and consistent scoops and balls to create a beautiful presentation, this versatile tool comes in durable stainless steel with wood or plastic handles. Many come with two different scoop sizes with one on each end.

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Wusthof 4240/2.5
Wusthof 4240/2.5 2.5-cm Single Melon Baller

SKU: 618-424025

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Wusthof 4241
Wusthof 4241 2.5-cm Double Melon Baller

SKU: 618-4241

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Wusthof 4243
Wusthof 4243 Single Melon Baller

SKU: 618-4243

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