How to Pair Your Follett Ice Machine with an Ice Bin or Dispenser

Follett Ice Machine

Follett manufactures innovative ice makers, dispensers, and bins to support healthcare and foodservice operations. If you plan on purchasing a Follett ice bin or dispenser, you must specify which ice production unit you want to use with it when you order your equipment; the interface must be configured at the factory. Read on to learn about fitting Follett head units to third-party dispensers.

Follett ice making head units are compatible with many of the most popular ice and drink dispensers from vendors including Cornelius, Lancer, SerVend, and Coke Freestyle. To pair your Follett ice machine with a third party beverage or ice dispenser, you will need a top kit that lets the two fit snugly together, ensuring that the equipment runs efficiently and that there are no gaps between the units to let dirt and pests inside the ice bin which could make your patrons sick.

To ensure that your ice machine head unit can pair with your drink dispenser, first you must know the model number of both units. You should also know the width of the dispenser that you’re using. With that information, you can refer to this chart of compatible bin and dispenser combinations and find out which top kit is required to combine the two. If you do not see your combination on this list, call one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-541-8683 to explore your options.