Floral Cooler

Maximizing the shelf life of fresh-cut flowers is a matter of providing the right conditions. Temperatures around 35 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal, and relative humidity should be around 90 percent. Unlike regular refrigerators, these units are specifically designed to create these conditions while also providing an attractive display. To achieve that, they use specialized baffle systems to create optimized airflow around the products inside. More

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True Refrigeration GDM-69FC-LD BK
True GDM-69FC-LD BK 3-Section Floral Cooler w/ Sliding Door - Black, 1...

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True Refrigeration GDM-12FC-LD BK
True GDM-12FC-LD BK 1-Section Floral Cooler w/ Swinging Door - Black,...

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True Refrigeration G4SM-23FC-LD BK
True G4SM-23FC-LD BK 1-Section Floral Cooler w/ Swinging Door, Black,...

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True Refrigeration GDM-72FC-LD WHT
True GDM-72FC-LD WHT 3-Section Floral Cooler w/ Swinging Door - White,...

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True Refrigeration GDM-49FC-LD BK
True GDM-49FC-LD BK 2-Section Floral Cooler w/ Swinging Door - Black,...

KaTom #: 598-GDM49FC

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True Refrigeration GDM-72FC-LD BK
True GDM-72FC-LD BK 3-Section Floral Cooler w/ Swinging Door - Black,...

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True Refrigeration GDM-69FC-LD WHT
True GDM-69FC-LD WHT 3-Section Floral Cooler w/ Sliding Door - White,...

KaTom #: 598-GDM69FC

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True Refrigeration GDM-23FC-LD BK
True GDM-23FC-LD BK 1-Section Floral Cooler w/ Swinging Door - Black,...

KaTom #: 598-GDM23FC

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True Refrigeration GDM-47FC-LD BK
True GDM-47FC-LD BK 2-Section Floral Cooler w/ Sliding Door - Black, 1...

KaTom #: 598-GDM47FC

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Other types of refrigeration devices are designed to lower both temperature and humidity. While this is a great solution for keeping foods and beverages cool, this is not ideal for plants and flowers. Besides being kept cool, cut flowers also must be kept in a humid environment to prevent drying out. While humidity in most refrigeration devices can drop below 10 percent if the door isn't opened frequently, the humidity in a flower refrigerator is typically set around 80 to 95 percent to keep flowers fresh. Because of this, if you plan on buying a refrigeration device to keep your products looking fresh, make sure it is a specially-designed floral cooler.

Sizes and Sections

These come in a wide range of sizes, with one-, two-, and three-section models available up to 80 inches wide. Typically, the larger the flower cooler, the more sections it has. Two-section floral coolers have around twice the space as single sections, and three-section models have triple.

Door Type

Two types of doors are available on these models: swinging and sliding. Each one has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, possibly making one or the other a better choice for your establishment.

Swinging doors are mounted on hinges and swing outward. This design is similar to what you would find on a typical kitchen refrigerator. These doors are self-closing, meaning that they won't be inadvertently left open. They also provide an airtight seal every time they close. However, since these doors open outward, you must have adequate space for them to open into. If you are placing your model behind a narrow counter or in a high traffic area, you may want to avoid swinging doors.

Sliding doors are the other type available. These are mounted on rails and slide horizontally, which allows them to conserve space. That makes them a good choice for areas where there isn't enough space for doors to swing open. They can also be easier to open and close than swinging doors, which is convenient if your hands are full carrying bouquets or arrangements. But over time, the rails the doors sit on can become warped and let cold air escape, decreasing the floral cooler's efficiency. Also, employees or customers may accidently leave the doors open. The extend the life of sliding doors, it is important to keep their rails clean and free of debris.


Models are available with a black, white, or a copper finish. No matter which one you choose, you will purchase a model with a durable laminated vinyl finish. This finish will not show dents or fingerprints as readily as a stainless finish would. It also resists corrosion. However, it can become scratched or chipped. If this happens, it may allow for rust to form on the steel underneath.

Specialty Options

Several options are available to customize your flower refrigerator for your establishment. You can purchase a model with a mirror backto create an elegant display and make the interior look more spacious. Also available are glass ends. These too make the interior look more spacious and also give customers a better view of the contents of your floral cooler. Similarly, four-sided glass provides excellent visibility on all sides. However, models with this feature should only be used for freestanding use and should not be placed against a wall.

What Else Can I Store in a Flower Cooler?

Put simply, the only refrigerated items that you should store in a floral cooler are flowers and plants. Besides being a health code violation, storing food and beverages in one is not a good idea. The high humidity in the cabinet can promote the growth of bacteria in foods and beverages.