Restaurant Floor Mats Buyers' Guide

Restaurant Floor Mats Protect Your Floors

Although they are simple products, restaurant floor mats have quite a few jobs. Commercial kitchen mats provide yielding, non-slip surfaces that keep your employees comfortable and safe. In front of doors, mats prevent dirt and debris from being tracked in while giving customers somewhere to dry their feet, which helps prevent slips and falls. In high-traffic areas, the right restaurant mat can protect your floors and minimize the maintenance and cleaning they will need. Below are some of the mat types you have to choose from.

Anti-fatigue Floor Mat

Anti-fatigue floor mats are made to go anywhere a little extra comfort or safety is needed. These commercial kitchen mats are made to be non-slip, usually with holes to prevent water and debris from accumulating. These are also usually grease-resistant to prevent grease from negating the mat's non-slip properties.

To fit in the variety of spaces they're often used, from fryer stations to dishrooms, commercial kitchen mats are often needed in unique shapes, so many restaurant mats are available with connectors on the ends, allowing them to be interlocked into custom configurations. Others have beveled edges to reduce the trip hazard, and some have combinations of connectors and beveled edges that allow you to create a custom shape and size while maintaining safety as a priority. Some of the floor mats that do not have beveled edges are reversible, which can extend the life of the product.

Another place that an anti-fatigue floor mat can be useful is at a cash register, hostess stand, prep station, or another location where an employee will stand for extended lengths of time. The restaurant floor mats used in these locations are usually solid, as there is no need to drain water there. They are often made of foam or rubber and can be textured. Some are available with decorative patterns, which is ideal for locations where the mat will be visible to customers.

Wiper Floor Mat

Wiper or scraper restaurant mats are made to give customers a place to wipe their feet as they come in the door. Most are made of carpet, which makes them absorbent, with vinyl backing to prevent the mat from slipping when stepped on. Some of the carpet fibers are arranged in textured designs to allow for scraping debris from shoes.

While most wiper floor mats are made of carpet, others feature vinyl or rubber construction. These are usually textured, commonly with a 'finger scrape' design, which has thick rubber bristles for wiping feet.

Floor Protection Mat

A floor protection mat is made to protect your floors. High-traffic areas such as entryways, lobbies, and hallways can quickly become damaged due to paths worn into carpet or shine scuffed off of linoleum. A floor protection mat can mitigate the damage and preserve your floor's appearance while adding a touch of color and texture to your décor.

Most floor protection mats are backed with vinyl to prevent the mat from slipping, even on hard floor surfaces. Many are carpet mats made from Olefin fiber, a synthetic fiber known for its strength, resilience, and ability to resist stains and mildew. It is also colorfast, so you don't have to worry about it fading in a sunny area.