Elkay Three Compartment Sinks

Elkay three compartment sinks come in a variety of styles and sizes, and feature a wide range of splash guards and drain boards to fit your needs.

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Elkay 14-3C24X24-L-24X
Elkay 14-3C24X24-L-24X Standard Sink w/ (3) 24x24x14-in Bowl & 9-i...

SKU: 189-143C24X24L24X

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Elkay E3C16X20-0X
Elkay E3C16X20-0X Sink w/ (3) 16x20x12-in Bowl & 9-in Splash

SKU: 189-E3C16X200X

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Elkay SE3C18X18-L-18X
Elkay SE3C18X18-L-18X Sink w/ (3) 18x18x11-in Bowl & 9-in Splash,...

SKU: 189-SE3C18X18L18X

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Elkay 14-3C20X20-2-20X
Elkay 14-3C20X20-2-20X Standard Sink w/ (3) 20x20x14-in Bowl & 9-i...

SKU: 189-143C20X20220X

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Elkay 3C18X18-2-24X
Elkay 3C18X18-2-24X Standard Sink w/ (3) 18x18x12-in Bowl & 10-in...

SKU: 189-3C18X18224X

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Elkay 14-3C18X24-L-24X
Elkay 14-3C18X24-L-24X Standard Sink w/ (3) 18x24x14-in Bowl & 9-i...

SKU: 189-143C18X24L24X

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Elkay 3C16X20-2-18X
Elkay 3C16X20-2-18X Standard Sink w/ (3) 16x20x12-in Bowl & 10-in...

SKU: 189-3C16X20218X

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Elkay 3C24X24-2-24X
Elkay 3C24X24-2-24X Standard Sink w/ (3) 24x24x12-in Bowl & 10-in...

SKU: 189-3C24X24224X

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Elkay 14-3C18X24-2-18X
Elkay 14-3C18X24-2-18X Standard Sink w/ (3) 18x24x14-in Bowl & 9-i...

SKU: 189-143C18X24218X

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Elkay 3C20X28-2-20X
Elkay 3C20X28-2-20X Standard Sink w/ (3) 20x20x28-in Bowl & 10-in...

SKU: 189-3C20X28220X

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Elkay E3C24X24-0X
Elkay E3C24X24-0X Sink w/ (3) 24x24x12-in Bowl & 9-in Splash

SKU: 189-E3C24X240X

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Elkay 14-3C16X20-L-18X
Elkay 14-3C16X20-L-18X Standard Sink w/ (3) 16x20x14-in Bowl & 9-i...

SKU: 189-143C16X20L18X

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Elkay 3C18X24-L-24X
Elkay 3C18X24-L-24X Standard Sink w/ (3) 18x24x12-in Bowl & 10-in...

SKU: 189-3C18X24L24X

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Elkay 14-3C24X24-R-24X
Elkay 14-3C24X24-R-24X Standard Sink w/ (3) 24x24x14-in Bowl & 9-i...

SKU: 189-143C24X24R24X

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