Elkay Shelves, Racks & Stands

Elkay shelves, racks, and stands come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit any of your kitchen needs.

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Elkay WMMS-18-24X
Elkay WMMS-18-24X Microwave Shelf, 24x18x10-in, Stainless

SKU: 189-WMMS1824X

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Elkay EWMS-12-48X
Elkay EWMS-12-48X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 12x48-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1248X

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Elkay EWMS-14-84X
Elkay EWMS-14-84X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 14x84-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1484X

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Elkay EWMS-14-72X
Elkay EWMS-14-72X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 14x72-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1472X

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Elkay EWMS-12-72X
Elkay EWMS-12-72X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 12x72-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1272X

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Elkay EWMS-14-48X
Elkay EWMS-14-48X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 14x48-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1448X

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Elkay EWMS-12-24X
Elkay EWMS-12-24X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 12x24-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1224X

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Elkay WMMS-24-24X
Elkay WMMS-24-24X Microwave Shelf, 24x24x10-in, Stainless

SKU: 189-WMMS2424X

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Elkay EWMS-12-96X
Elkay EWMS-12-96X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 12x96-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1296X

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Elkay RSSB-20
Elkay RSSB-20 Scrap Basket w/ Stainless Slide, 20x20-in

SKU: 189-RSSB20

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Elkay EWMS-12-60X
Elkay EWMS-12-60X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 12x60-in

SKU: 189-EWMS1260X

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