Edlund Manual Can Openers

Every kitchen needs a can opener, and that's why Edlund manual can openers are a great addition to any kitchen.

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Edlund K004M
Edlund K004M Replacement Part, #1 Blade

KaTom #: 034-K004M

In Stock
$8.53 / Each
Edlund K005M
Edlund K005M Replacement Part, #2 Blade

KaTom #: 034-K005M

In Stock
$6.83 / Each
Edlund KT1200
Edlund KT1200 Can Opener Replacement Parts Kit, #2

KaTom #: 034-KT1200

In Stock
$15.75 / Each
Edlund KT1100
Edlund KT1100 Can Opener Replacement Parts Kit, #1

KaTom #: 034-KT1100

In Stock
$32.25 / Each
Edlund KT2700
Edlund KT2700 Can Opener Replacement Parts Kit, 270

KaTom #: 034-KT2700

In Stock
$84.54 / Each
Edlund G003M
Edlund G003M Replacement Part, #1 Gear

KaTom #: 034-G003M

In Stock
$19.47 / Each
Edlund G004M
Edlund G004M Replacement Part, #2 Gear

KaTom #: 034-G004M

In Stock
$14.24 / Each
Edlund S-11
Edlund S-11 Manual Can Opener w/ Stainless Base

KaTom #: 034-S11

In Stock
$374.29 / Each
Edlund U-12
Edlund U-12 Manual Can Opener w/ Plated Base

KaTom #: 034-U12

$170.99 / Each
Edlund 2WB
Edlund 2WB Manual Can Opener #2, Table Style

KaTom #: 034-2WB

In Stock
$72.19 / Each
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