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Dynamic provides a variety of reliable and easy-to-use food prep equipment for everything from mashing potatoes to drying lettuce. Their unique DynaCube vegetable dicer/cuber makes quick work of processing vegetables for salads, sandwiches, and sides. A number of different grids are available for the DynaCube for making many different cuts. The Dynamic immersion blenders, available in sizes ranging from 7 to 27 inches in length, can be equipped with whisks, blades, and ricers for processing large batches of soups and purées in the largest foodservice operations. Also available are Dynamic salad spinners, available in electric and manual versions, which can dry as many as eight heads of lettuce per batch. More

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Dynamic is an innovator in the restaurant equipment world, with several unique products and quality construction. Here are some of the great reasons to trust Dynamic:

  • The company introduced the first commercial hand held mixer and commercial salad spinner.
  • It offers the largest selection of commercial hand held mixers in the industry.
  • Dynamic is one of the few companies in the industry to manufacture its own components.
  • Motors on its commercial hand mixers are double insulated, which allows all plugs to be two prongs, with no ground. That makes them more likely to fit any facility where you may need to use one.
  • The company has been proudly manufacturing handheld mixers since 1964.
  • Its is the only commercial cordless hand held mixer.
  • Dynamic manufactures a specific motor for each mixer, based on shaft length and weight ratio.
  • Its hand mixers are constructed of stainless steel from the motor housing down.
  • Those units are driven by a no-gear motor that is easier to servie and require just one annual blade change that can be completed with minimal labor and a screwdriver.

Tips for Using a Dynamic International Salad Spinner

Dynamic salad spinners are a wonderful tool in any busy kitchen to make it easier and faster to drain excess water from vegetables. Salad spinners work by spinning a strainer inside of a bowl that pulls the excess water off of the vegetable and onto the walls, where the water can drain down and collect at the bottom of the bowl, away from the vegetables. Salad spinners are the perfect way to ensure that your salad is not to "heavy" due to excess water.

Dynamic salad spinners reduce operator costs by reducing the amount of lettuce that will ruin due to excess moisture. Water is the number one killer of leaf lettuce, so removing the moisture will extend the life of your lettuce. Dry lettuce will also reduce the amount of salad dressing that customers use, as wet lettuce allows dressing to easily slide off and down into the bowl.

Tips for Using Your Dynamic Salad Spinner

  • Never overload the spinner. Placing too much product inside your spinner can cause it to be less effective and ultimately reduce its useful life.
  • When filled, always begin spinning slowly.
  • Allow the spinner to stop spinning on its own. You should never bluntly stop the handle from spinning, as this can shorten the life of your salad spinner. Let the spinner wind down on its own or remove the cover.
  • Always clean the spinner in a sink or basin. You should never place components in a dishwasher.

Using Your Dynamic International Hand Mixer

Dynamic hand mixers have several different quality attachments that can be purchased with the mixer to allow you to have a multi-functional unit. Although most people are aware of the variety of hand mixer attachments that are offered, some may not know the exact function of each or realize how it would make their cooking experience a more enjoyable one. They include:

  • Mixer Tool - used to mix, blend, puree, or emulsify food products that contain liquid or product that you will be adding liquid to. This tool is ideal for soups, pizza sauce, pasta sauce, salad dressing, refried beans, salsa, gravy, and mayonnaise.
  • Whisk Tool - used to whisk and blend to add air to the product. A whisk is used primarily for dairy products, eggs, egg whites, meringue, and souffles.

When cleaning your Dynamic International hand mixer, take care not to immerse the motor block in water. Gently rinse the mixer shaft with water and clean with a mild detergent. Do not wash your mixer unless it is unplugged.

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