Door-Type Dishwasher

Door-type dishwashers are an excellent space-saving solution for cramped dishrooms that need an automated warewashing solution. Single models will wash dozens of racks an hour, one at a time. Double-door washers are available that can handle two racks at a time. The most popular type are loaded and unloaded from the sides and installed in line with dish tables. Some dish room designs dictate a corner design washer, and you'll find those here, as well. Door-type dish machines are available in low- and high-temp models.

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CMA EST-AH Straight Thru Door Type Dishwasher, 40-Racks/Hr


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Meiko DV 80.2
Meiko DV 80.2 Door Type Dishwasher - 61-Racks/hr Capacity, 208/3v

SKU: 112-DV802208230603

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CMA CMA-180TB C 2401
CMA CMA-180TB C 2401 Corner Dishwasher w/ 27-in H Door & Booster,...

SKU: 527-CMA180TBC2401

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CMA CMA-180TSB 2403
CMA CMA-180TSB 2403 Dishwasher w/ Built-in Heater & Scrap Accumula...

SKU: 527-CMA180TSB2403

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CMA CMA-180TSB 2081
CMA CMA-180TSB 2081 Dishwasher w/ Built-in Heater & Scrap Accumula...

SKU: 527-CMA180TSB2081

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