Commercial Dolly & Hand Truck

Our commercial dolly and hand truck selection enables you to move bulky and heavy items with less struggle. We offer both general-use and specialty models.

Specialty Truck & Dolly

Whether you need to transport dish racks, mixer bowls, or a variety of other items, you'll find a specialty truck or dolly that lets you do so.

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Trash Can Dolly

Make it safe and easy for your staff to take care of trash duty with a trash can dolly. They're available for round and square cans in a number of sizes.

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Chair & Table Dolly

Transport as many as 20 seats at once with a chair dolly. Designs are available for folding and stackable chairs.

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Platform Truck

Streamline your material handling with a rugged platform truck, available with handles on one or both sides. We even have powered models.

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Dolly & Hand Truck Parts

Dolly and hand truck parts can equip your transport solutions to more fully fit your needs. Find casters, replacement handles, and more here.

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