Amazing new non-toxic cleaning paste can do it all and is ready to ship

Elbow Greez cleaning paste logo

KaTom is proud to announce an exclusive: We are the first to offer Cres Cor’s new green cleaning product Elbow Greez. This multi-purpose cleaning paste can work wonders throughout the kitchen and everywhere else, from giving you sparkling clean stainless steel to marker boards that look like new. It saves you money by doing the work of countless other cleaners, maybe making it the most versatile product for cleaning in your arsenal.

Elbow Greez is a non-toxic cleaning paste and a green cleaning product

Elbow Greez was developed and is produced right here in America, using biodegradable materials that not only result in a green cleaning product, it’s also safe for your customers. Even if a careless cook forgets to wipe remaining oven cleaner off the equipment, there’s no risk of contamination.

You’ve likely noticed that the second part of the Elbow Greez name is spelled a little differently than you might expect. That’s because Cres Cor wants to emphasize that this is a green cleaning product, so grease becomes Greez, an amalgam of green and grease.

Elbow Greez cleans with minimal effort

Cres Cor EG12 Elbow Greez Paste

Elbow Greez is a multi-purpose cleaning paste that comes in a tub and is easily applied using a damp sponge. Just some light scrubbing, as you can see from our product demonstration video below, can remove years of even baked-on food and grease remnants, resulting in clean stainless steel equipment. Elbow Greez puts in the elbow grease to get the job done so you don’t have to.

Despite that power, Elbow Greez non-toxic cleaning paste is a non-abrasive kitchen cleaner, meaning you’re not marking up glass or removing finish. After you’ve achieved the results you want, simply wipe off any residue left by this multi-purpose cleaning paste and you’re ready to get back to work without the hassle that comes with other oven cleaners.

Elbow Greez is a versatile multi-purpose cleaning paste

From commercial kitchens to schools to homes, Elbow Greez has dozens of uses, including:

• Removing scale, grease, food stains, and even rust as you clean stainless steel in the kitchen and outside it.

• From ovens to steamers to microwaves, Elbow Greez clears grime and burnt-on grease.

• Cleans glass without scratching. This non-toxic cleaning paste is safe to use in ovens and on glass-top stoves, and a reliable clean for dirty windows.

• Elbow Greez can remove oxidation from aluminum.

• Quickly and easily erases heel marks and other scuffs from tile and most other types of flooring.

• Grout becomes sparkling clean with a little help from Elbow Greez.

• Remove ink, even permanent markers, from lockers, vinyl walls, toilet partitions, traffic signs, and most other surfaces.

• Refresh old white boards and banish the shadows of lessons past with Elbow Greez multi-purpose cleaning paste.

• Remove hard water stains from porcelain and soap scum from shower stalls.

• Clearing most stains from fiberglass surfaces.

Accomplishing all these tasks could take a cabinet full of different products. With the power of Elbow Greez multi-purpose cleaning paste, you not only cut costs by buying just one product to do those jobs, you save time by eliminating the need for soaking or hard scrubbing.

A real-world demonstration of this non-abrasive kitchen cleaner

Connor Concepts partner Kevin Thompson, who makes an appearance in KaTom’s video on Elbow Greez, opened his kitchen to a demonstration of Cres Cor’s most versatile product for cleaning. After watching this multi-purpose cleaning paste outperform every other oven cleaner his company has tried, he called ordering one of the first cases of Elbow Greez from KaTom “a no-brainer.”

“This stuff sells itself,” he said. “We’ve tried a dozen other products and nothing gives you results like that. It was quick and easy to use. The fact that it’s a non-toxic cleaning paste is huge for us because that ensures the safety not only of our guests, but also of our back-of-house staff who will use Elbow Greez.”

You can shop for this multi-purpose cleaning paste with KaTom now or you can call one of our helpful customer service representatives at 800.541.8683. You can also get more information about this cleaning paste by e-mailing