Cres Cor Holding Cabinets Buyers' Guide

Stay Warm with Cres Cor Holding Cabinets

Cres Cor was founded in 1936 as a sheet metal shop by George Baggott. In the 1950's, Baggott, inspired by corrugated metal he saw on the side of a truck, designed the company's first holding cabinet, using the indentions in the corrugation to hold the trays.

Since then, the company has moved on to create heated cabinets, cook and hold ovens, banquet cabinets, and more. The made-in-America products are known for their durability, with a 1965 Cres Cor heated cabinet still in use at a school in Colorado. With accolades like the 2012 Best in Class Award from Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine and the 2011 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association, you can be sure you're getting the best quality when you buy from Cres Cor.

Holding Cabinets

Every Cres Cor holding cabinet is fully insulated to retain as much heat as possible, resulting in a more energy-efficient product. Some models, such as the H137SUA12D mobile heated cabinet, are ENERGY STAR certified, meaning you can rest assured that it is one of the most energy-efficient holding cabinets available. Holding cabinets are available with full-size or Dutch doors. Full-size doors offer the benefit of allowing you to see everything at once, but Dutch doors limit the amount of hot air that escapes the unit when the door is opened, meaning the unit can recover temperatures faster using less energy.

All Cres Cor holding cabinets are on casters, making them easier to transport. Units are available that hold as few as 11 or as many as 40 pans, so you can find one that can handle the volume you need. If you will use your Cres Cor heated cabinet as a proofer, you may want to consider a glass-front unit that lets you keep an eye on your baked goods as they rise. For correctional institutions, models are available with tamper-proof security hinges. If your heated cabinet will be visible to customers and you need something a little more decorative, holding cabinets with red doors are available.

Banquet Cabinets

Banquet cabinets are a type of Cres Cor heated cabinet designed to hold covered, plated meals. Cres Cor banquet cabinets are made out of fully-insulated stainless steel, and are able to hold from 64 to 180 plates from 11 to 13 inches across. Because these units often carry heavy loads, Cres Cor uses a one-piece welded base to support them, and they roll on heavy-duty 6-inch wheels.

Some banquet cabinets include a magnetic dry erase board on the door for labeling, and an optional humidity pan to help keep food fresh for extended periods of time. To help make transportation easier, all of Cres Cor's banquet cabinets have push/pull handles on both ends, and have a gray, non-marking rubber bumper to help protect the equipment and its surroundings. For easier cleaning and maintenance, most heating units are removable without tools.


One of Cres Cor's newest innovations is the HotCube3, a 34-size heated cabinet that is able to hold food at safe temperatures indoors or out, with or without being plugged in. This versatile new model can use a standard 120-Volt plug or propane tanks for fuel when electricity is not available. A standard one-pound propane tank can keep the cabinet heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for six to eight hours. A third type of power is also used, as solar power can charge the battery that keeps the controls and displays powered when the unit is not plugged in.

The HotCube3 is made for transporting, with 8-inch pneumatic casters, two of which have brakes. Those casters are made out of rubber to absorb more shocks when rolling, protecting the food inside and helping the unit roll easily across uneven surfaces. A bumper helps protect the unit during transport, and push/pull handles are available on both ends.

Custom wraps are available to help you merchandise or advertise, or just to help your HotCube3 match the rest of your equipment. This holding cabinet has a 16-pan capacity, and has rounded corners inside the cabinet to allow for easy cleaning and prevent grease buildup.

For more information on customizing a HotCube3 or on any CresCor product, please contact one of KaTom's helpful customer service representatives at 1-800-541-8683.