New Cres Cor dish dolly gives you limitless options

The completely adjustable Cres Cor 501-D-EX dish cart makes plate moving a breeze.

For years plates were round and so were the openings in every dish caddy. When new shapes were added, so was adjustability for the dish cart, though that was still limited. Now, Cres Cor’s 501-D-EX extreme adjustable super-size dish dolly offers complete customization for every load of dishes, so circles, squares, and triangles can all make the same single trip to the table.

The 501-D-EX dish cart has 12 adjustable hex rods that can be repositioned into any of the dozens of holes that line the high-tensile, non-corrosive aluminum base. With the turn of a nut, the dish dolly's posts wrap your china in a hug, ensuring each piece arrives at the table safely and, thanks to plastic coating on all points of contact with dishware, chip free.

From dessert plates to soup bowls to serving platters, the 501-D-EX dish caddy can handle it all in a 32-inch size that fits conveniently under standard counters, though with a super-sized base, this dish cart can handle it all. Unique wide track placement of the 5-inch, heavy duty casters provides stability, while a pair of brakes ensure this dish dolly won’t run away from the job.

The Cres Cor 501-D-EX dish cart saves time and money

Those who are already working with an adjustable 501-D-EX dish caddy from Cres Cor will tell you it’s not only convenient, it’s also a money saver. That’s because employees no longer have to reconfigure an entire dish cart for each specific plate, since multiple shapes can now share the space, which means workers aren't spending time running back and forth to the kitchen for each part of the place setting. That’s cutting down on staff hours.

When it comes to making your foodservice operation run more smoothly, little things, like having an adjustable dish caddy to fit exactly the right kind of plates, can make a big difference.

For more information about the adjustable 501-D-EX Cres Cor dish dolly, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 800.541.8683 or e-mail us at You can also browse other Cres Cor dish carts with KaTom, including a 20x20-inch single stack aluminum dish rack caddy and a correctional dish rack dolly with similar dimensions.

The extreme adjustable super-size dish dolly 501-D-EX from Cres Cor will revolutionize plate moving.