5-Year K-12 Cres Cor Warranty

Cres Cor Offers 5-Year School Warranty

For more than 80 years, Cres Cor has specialized in mobile foodservice equipment that is trusted in a variety of settings, including educational facilities like elementary, middle, and high school cafeterias. Because these can be high-demand environments, the Cres Cor warranty offered on any equipment purchased for K-12 foodservice operations covers parts for 5 years and labor for 1 year. To help busy school foodservice kitchens keep up with operational requirements, Cres Cor provides a variety of products to ensure the food served to children is made with safe, clean, and dependable equipment.

Equipment for K-12 Cafeteria Kitchens

To ensure equipment installed in school cafeterias is easy to use and keep sanitary, many Cres Cor units are designed with the following features:

  • A full set of casters measuring 5 inches in diameter, which are heavy duty and allow units to be moved whether they are empty or filled to capacity. The two casters on the front of the unit can be locked into place, so the unit will not accidentally be moved or shifted during busy service periods.
  • Dutch doors that allow half of the cabinet to be accessed at a time, releasing less heat each time. The doors can also be reversed in the field, so they can be right- or left-hinged to adapt to your workflow.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction, two commercial materials that are durable and resist corrosion. The interior corners are coved, eliminating sharp angles that promote bacterial growth by collecting debris and food particles. Additionally, the doors and cabinets are fully insulated to help maintain the desired cabinet temperature.
  • Handles on the sides of the unit allow operators to firmly grasp it while it is being moved, but the recessed design prevents those from sticking out beyond the edge of the equipment and potentially damaging walls.

Hot holding and transport cabinets. Many cafeterias are responsible for providing children with breakfast and lunch, and cycling hundreds of students through these meals can take a couple of hours. An insulated hot cabinet like the H-137-SUA-12D or the pass-thru H-137-PSUA-12D can hold hot food at safe and appetizing temperatures from the time it's cooked until serving time. A more economical version of this equipment is the H-137-UA-12D, which is built with an aluminum interior and exterior, rather than stainless steel. Though constructed differently, these units offer many of the same features, including:

  • A maximum holding temperature of 200 degrees F
  • 12 sets of chrome-plated wire slides, which are compatible with pans measuring 12-18 inches by 20-26 inches
  • NSF approval for sanitation.

Mobile refrigeration. In commercial kitchens, mobile refrigeration is just as important as cooking and hot holding equipment. A unit like the R-171-SUA-10 ChillTemp refrigerated cabinet can be used to keep ingredients, prepared foods, and beverages held at optimal food-safe temperatures until workers are ready to transport or serve them. This Cres Cor unit includes features like:

  • A temperature range of 33 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a forced-air system that distributes cold air evenly throughout the cabinet.
  • Cold temperatures provided by R-134A refrigerant, a high-efficiency compressor, and an automatic defrost cycle.
  • Full-length doors that are self-closing to prevent them from accidentally being left open during busy service hours, which can lead to spoiled food. The doors include full-length extruded handles so they are comfortable to open.
  • 10 adjustable shelf sets constructed of chrome-plated wire that are compatible with a variety of pan sizes. These can be adjusted in 112-inch increments.

Cooking, holding, and rethermalization ovens. Cres Cor offers full-size and undercounter equipment for either cooking or retherming and then holding food. The AquaTemp series offers cook-and-hold cabinets capable of baking, cooking, reheating, roasting, and holding products. This provides cafeteria operations a versatile all-in-one oven with the following features:

  • Maximum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • System using slowly convected air to produce natural browning and seal in natural juices
  • Settings for moist heat, dry heat, or a combination of the two
  • Constant monitoring of humidity and temperature to yield optimal products
  • Capable of roasting and holding hundreds of pounds of meat
  • Multiple programmable roast and hold cycles for customized functionality
  • 6-inch food temperature probe
  • Six raised wire grids and 12 adjustable shelf sets.

Cres Cor's QuickTherm ovens are similarly designed, but are only meant to reconstitute previously cooked foods or slowly roast uncooked food. This oven comes with 18 sets of shelves, rather than 12, and includes a smaller 112-inch temperature probe.

Transportation racks and cabinets. A transport storage cabinet like the 100-1841D or utility rack like the 200-1841A allows dozens of sheet pans to be stored in a unit that is easy to move around any kitchen facility. These units are not fully enclosed, so they shouldn't be used in place of hot holding equipment.