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The type of countertop pizza oven you choose should depend largely on what foods you want to bake or retherm, how many items you will heat at once, and how quickly you need it done. Some models are best suited for reheating frozen or pre-baked pies one at a time. Others can bake fresh pizzas and pretzels, and multi-purpose ovens are available that can bake and roast everything from cupcakes to hams. Countertop pizza ovens are sorted by the jobs they can handle. The format is generally the same, with low-profile openings and typically electric elements that heat food from above and below, although a few models run on gas. Larger models have separate heat zones that can be independently controlled. More

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Adcraft CK-2
Adcraft CK-2 Countertop Pizza Oven - Single Deck, 120v

KaTom #: 122-CK2

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$79.84 / Each
Adcraft PO-18
Adcraft PO-18 Countertop Pizza Oven - Single Deck, 240v/1ph

KaTom #: 122-PO18

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$1,031.31 / Each
Adcraft PO-22
Adcraft PO-22 Countertop Pizza Oven - Single Deck, 240v/1ph

KaTom #: 122-PO22

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$1,321.34 / Each
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Common Questions About Countertop Pizza Ovens

What is the difference between a frozen and fresh pizza oven?

Frozen pizza ovens are the simplest, most economical type of small commercial pizza ovens, designed to mainly reheat frozen pies. They can provide adequate heat for pizzas made on a pre-baked crust as well. These typically include a wire or solid rack attached to a handle that can be slid in and out of the unit. Since they're not designed to cook fresh pies, these units are relatively low powered. They're great for convenience stores, bars, and concession stands that want pizza on the menu, but don't intend to serve a large number of pizzas each day or offer freshly made pies. They're often used in establishments that want to keep a few pies in a glass merchandiser and sell them by the slice. Other uses include heating frozen snacks such as cheese sticks and chicken fingers and finishing foods such as heated sandwiches.

Fresh pizza ovens deliver the consistent, even heat required to bake authentic fresh pies with crisp crusts. They are built with more heating power than frozen pizza ovens, so they can be used to produce higher-quality pies in low-volume settings. They sometimes include brick linings inside to absorb and radiate heat for even baking, just like the larger versions you find in pizzerias. Choose one of these if you want the capacity to bake a few high-quality pies each day.

Can I use my small commercial pizza oven for other foods?

The most powerful countertop commercial pizza ovens are classified as multi-purpose because they can bake more than just pizzas. They can be used as a versatile solution for baking bread, pretzels, and cookies, as well as cooking quesadillas, frozen cheese sticks, egg rolls, and fish sticks. They can typically achieve higher temperatures and may include independent controls for each heat zone. Models with larger baking chambers can even be used to roast meats, as these are sometimes thought of as a high-powered alternative to a toaster oven.

What specialty countertop commercial pizza oven features are available?

One feature potential buyers should consider with small pizza ovens is brick lining, which absorbs and radiates heat evenly throughout the baking chamber. This reduces hot spots and helps create a higher-quality, more evenly heated product. Bricks also improve heat recovery, letting you bake more products faster.

Another option to consider is stone decks. These replicate the traditional method of baking pizzas on a thick stone hearth. Stone absorbs heat and provides an even baking surface that can help create crispy crusts on bread products, including pizzas.

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