NSF Compartment Sink

The sink basin corners on these models have rounded, easy-to-clean edges, earning them NSF certification. If you're buying a unit where food may be prepared or dishes may be washed, make sure to go with a model that is NSF certified or you may not be able to pass your health inspection. These models are stainless steel for a long, durable life. Many different models are offered, from compact units to large four compartment models that are perfect for dishwashing at large restaurants.

3 Compartment Sink - NSF

A three compartment NSF sink will allow you to wash, soak and clean food products in a single area. These sinks are NSF rated with smooth welds and coved corner...

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2 Compartment Sink - NSF

NSF two compartment sinks are certified for use in preparation of food. Coved corners and smooth welds make these sinks easy to clean and don't give harmful bac...

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1 Compartment Sink - NSF

KaTom's one compartment NSF sinks are rated to be safe for food preparation. Having smooth welds and coved corners for easy cleaning, these features prevent har...

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4 Compartment Sink - NSF

A four compartment NSF sink offers plenty of room for washing, soaking and other tasks that may be required during food preparation. These sinks are NSF certifi...

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