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Choose the waffle maker that best fits your operation based on the kind of waffles you want on the menu. Traditional waffles are thinner and tend to come out crispy, while Belgian waffles are thick and fluffy. You'll find both round and square waffle makers that can bake one or two waffles at a time. Most feature simple controls, so they can be set up at buffets and continental breakfasts for self-service. More

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Common Questions About Commercial Waffle Makers

What different styles of waffles can waffle makers make?

When choosing a commercial waffle maker, it is important to know what style of waffle you plan to serve. There are several popular varieties of waffles, including American and Belgian. They may also be served on a stick or baked in miniature sizes.

Belgian waffles are one of the most popular styles of waffles for restaurants to serve. For these, you will need to ensure you buy a commercial Belgian waffle maker. These waffles are extremely popular because of their light and fluffy texture, with deep indents for butter and syrup to sit in. Commercial Belgian waffle makers typically use a square grid, but can also be sold in round options.

American waffles, a typically round product that is thinner than the Belgian waffle, are another popular option. The indents are not quite as deep as the Belgian, which allows the syrup and melted butter to spread throughout the entire waffle. When looking at your commercial waffle iron of choice, double check it is suited to make your chosen waffle type.

What grid sizes are waffle makers available in?

Waffle grid sizes vary depending on the shape of your waffle maker, which are usually round or square. Round grids on commercial waffle irons are available from 3.25 inches to 7.5 inches, and square commercial waffle makers have options ranging in size from 4 inches to 9.75 inches. For operators not looking for a perfect circle or square, there are options that form a rectangle so one side of the waffle is longer than the other.

What voltage is right for me?

The voltage you need is dependent on how much volume you plan to produce. Higher wattage options such as 240 volts will stand up to higher production demands when compared to 120-volt options. This comes with a trade-off, though: a 120-volt option is capable of being used in most places, while higher voltage options may be limited depending on your electrical capacities. Be sure to check the product description to see how many volts your desired product uses and verify that it can be installed in your kitchen.

What other accessories will I need with my commercial waffle machine?

The most important accessory you will need to consider with your commercial waffle machine is the actual waffle mix, as different types of waffles will sometimes require different types of mixes. Cleaning brushes are also a necessity, since they help you clean those hard-to-reach creases in the commercial waffle iron.

If you plan on creating waffle cones, you may want to consider getting a waffle cone display case for your guests to see. Having a visual for your guests can translate into more impulse sales.

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