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The commercial table parts found here allow you to customize your table to enhance your workflow, add storage, or just make using the space more convenient. A demonstration mirror, also called a demo mirror, can be mounted to the ceiling or to the table itself to help make the surface of the table more visible to those nearby, while a lamp mount can help illuminate the surface. Work table casters and bullet feet allow you to convert your table between mobile and stationary, while pot hooks add storage overhead. Use these table parts to help build the exact table you need in your restaurant's kitchen.

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New Age 9787C
New Age 9787C Cove Baseboard, 96x5", Aluminum

KaTom #: 098-9787C

$52.62 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-25RB
Advance Tabco TA-25RB 5" Swivel Caster w/ Brake for Work Tables

KaTom #: 009-TA25RBX

$24.70 / Each
Advance Tabco DTA-79
Advance Tabco DTA-79 Double Sided Slant Tubular Rack Sorting - Table Mount

KaTom #: 009-DTA79

$196.20 / Ft
John Boos CAS01-R
John Boos CAS01-R 5" Heavy Duty Locking Casters for Round Legs

KaTom #: 416-CAS01R

Ships Free
$67.85 / Set of 4
Advance Tabco TA-21
Advance Tabco TA-21 Bullet Foot, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 009-TA21

In Stock
$11.25 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-25
Advance Tabco TA-25 Casters, 5", Swivel, Rubber Wheels, Set of 4, 2 - Brakes

KaTom #: 009-TA25

$168.75 / Set of 4
Update CWT-5L
Update CWT-5L 5" Work Table Caster with Lock

KaTom #: 370-CWT5L

In Stock
$8.07 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-16
Advance Tabco TA-16 Legs, Galavanized, with Plastic bullet foot, (Per Leg)

KaTom #: 009-TA16

$24.75 / Each
Advance Tabco BG-60
Advance Tabco BG-60 Bumper Guard - Mounting Bracket, 2x4x60", Stainless

KaTom #: 009-BG60

$117.45 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-255
Advance Tabco TA-255 Casters, Heavy Duty

KaTom #: 009-TA255

$230.85 / Set of 4
Perlick 67061
Perlick 67061 2 7/8" Casters

KaTom #: 199-67061

Call us for pricing $65.00 / Set of 4
Advance Tabco TA-SHD-2
Advance Tabco TA-SHD-2 Double Tier Side Closure Panel for 20x20 SHD Drawer

KaTom #: 009-TASHD2

$82.35 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-20
Advance Tabco TA-20 Bullet Leg Staineless Steel

KaTom #: 009-TA20

$28.80 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-256
Advance Tabco TA-256 Casters, Heavy Duty-Set of 4

KaTom #: 009-TA256

$306.00 / Set of 6
Advance Tabco TA-43
Advance Tabco TA-43 Filler Panel, 3x30", with Flanged Feet, Each

KaTom #: 009-TA43

$195.30 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-44
Advance Tabco TA-44 Aluminum Pan Rack, Slides Mount on Table

KaTom #: 009-TA44

$275.85 / Each
John Boos PB-DTS-20RS
John Boos PB-DTS-20RS Dishtable Rack Slide

KaTom #: 416-PBDTS20RS

$72.42 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-90
Advance Tabco TA-90 Drawer Adaptor

KaTom #: 009-TA90X

In Stock
$26.55 / Each
Advance Tabco TA-25S-6
Advance Tabco TA-25S-6 5" Casters w/ Stainless Steel Legs for Work Tables

KaTom #: 009-TA25S6X

$226.22 / Set of 6
John Boos TKS
John Boos TKS Knife Holder with Shield

KaTom #: 416-TKS

Ships Free
$23.00 / Each
John Boos CAS03
John Boos CAS03 Casters, Commercial Grade, Locking, 2 1/2 in

KaTom #: 416-CAS03

Ships Free
$53.00 / Set of 4
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