The Induction Buyer's Guide

Using the power of induction in your kitchen can help reduce energy usage, lower the kitchen temperature, and can reduce the occurrence of burn related injuries. There are many types of induction ranges to choose from, not to mention the induction cookware. To aid you along the path to induction cooking, the folks here at KaTom have written a helpful guide that will explain not only what types of ranges are available but also how induction works.

So...How Does It Work?

Though many of us can understand technical lingo, you know what they say: A picture speaks a thousand words.

Induction Cooking How to

  1. The range emits a high frequency alternating magnetic field
  2. The iron electrons in the induction pan try to match the "spin" of the magnetic field. Because they cannot, the quicker iron electrons rub against the slower electrons, creating friction
  3. This friction (much like when you rub your hands together) excites the molecules inside of the pan, creating heat

Because the magnetic field only effects cookware with induction capabilities, the surfaces around the range will not heat up, making the cooking environment cooler and safer.

Induction Range Types

Portable Induction Ranges - Portable induction range models are generally ideal for smaller kitchens that do not need a lot of cooking power. Portable induction ranges are easily moved from event to event, making them a great option for catering companies or at-the-table cooking.

Countertop / Freestanding Induction Ranges - Free standing induction ranges tend to feature several burners for maximum cooking power. This type of induction range is a solid choice for busy restaurant kitchens with plenty of countertop space.

Built In Induction Ranges - This type of induction range is perfect for those who enjoy the "streamlined" look. Built in induction ranges (also known as drop in induction ranges) rest inside of the countertop and can be used in buffets or portable bars. Built in induction ranges are also a great choice for business who are in need of an easy to reach, ADA compliant cooking solution.

Induction Cookware

There are many choices when it comes to induction cookware. Sauce pans, stock pots, fry pans, woks, and even chafer dishes come in induction ready models. KaTom Restaurant Supply carries induction cookware by the following brands:

If you do not feel the need to replace your existing cookware, induction interface disks can be used as a substitute. Induction interface disks act as a converter. Simply place the disk on the induction range and sit the cookware piece on top to use.