Fryer Accessories Buyers' Guide

Get More Out of Your Fryer with Accessories

Like many pieces of major commercial kitchen equipment, buying the right fryer accessories can have a big impact on how well the commercial deep fryer you have will be able meet your needs. These accessories can make it easier to cook or serve food and can also assist with cleaning the fryer, in many cases making these jobs easier, enabling you to save labor and increase output so you can keep up with customer demands. Browse our breakdown of available accessories and supplies to help you decide which will add the most value to your fryer.

Fryer Accessories

  • Fryer Baskets

    Fryer baskets are some of the most important accessories. Most fryers come with standard fryer baskets, but you may wish to have more on hand or to upgrade the baskets the fryer came with. Standard fryer baskets are rectangular or round, but specialty shapes that allow you to fry tortillas into taco shells, or round or triangular taco salad bowls are also available. These are typically made of steel and can be nickel-plated for additional durability and corrosion resistance. The handles can be metal or plastic-coated to make them more comfortable to use. Many models have hooks on the front to make the basket compatible with hangers, which come standard with some fryers and may be purchased separately for others.

  • Fry Dump Station

    Fry dump stations are made to hold fried products after they're cooked, keeping them warm and crisp until they are served. These can be heated by electricity or gas, with an element or burner below or heat lamp above. They are available in full-size and countertop models, and many have a crumb catch pan to help sift out any crumbs that fall off of food.

  • Gas Connectors

    If you decide on a gas fryer, a gas connector will be required to provide the fuel your equipment needs to operate. These connectors range from 12- to 72-inches long with any combination of male and female couplings. Some of these are available in a kit that includes gas pressure regulators, and many have a quick disconnect feature to make the fryer easier to move.

  • Fryer Screens

    Fryer screens can help extend the life of your oil by catching crumbs and sediment, preventing them from building up on heating elements, where they can create a foul taste in the oil. These screens are made to be used below the fry baskets, and so are available in sizes that are compatible with full-pot, split-pot, and tube-type fryer pot configurations. Screens can come with or without a handle, which is sometimes coated in polymer to make it easier to use when hot. The screens are available with wide gaps in the screen or with a fine mesh to catch smaller pieces of sediment.

  • French Fry Scoop

    French fry scoops are meant to be used with a fry dump station and are shaped to make it easy to funnel fries into serving containers. Constructed out of aluminum, stainless, or heat-resistant plastic, these scoops are available in a variety of sizes and may have one or two handles.

  • Additional Accessories

    Many companies offer casters to make your commercial deep fryer easier to move for cleaning or to raise it higher off the ground. If you decide to add casters or replace the ones that come standard on your unit, be sure the ones you purchase are listed as compatible with your model. Some companies also offer hanger packages and basket support racks, which hold the rack in and out of the oil when needed. An upright basket rack offers a way to store many fryer baskets in one footprint for frying in high volume, and a fryer basket divider allows you to fry two types of food in one basket, adding versatility even to single-basket fryers.

Fryer Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning and maintaining your fryer can extend not only the life of your equipment, but the life of your oil, saving you a lot of money in the long run as you get more use out of each batch of oil. It also enables you to provide a higher-quality food product, protecting the flavors of your dishes by removing impurities from the oil.

For those reasons, a fryer filter is one of the best investments you can make for your fryer, as it allows you to filter the oil regularly and safely. These are designed with a low profile that allows them to fit under most fryers. Depending on which you choose, these will use gravity or powered suction to remove the oil from the frypot, with a pump pushing it back up when it's clean. These fryer filters, along with filter paper and powder, remove carbon and sediment from your oil, allowing you to use it for longer. Models are available that allow you to filter 50 to 210 pounds at a time. If you have a small fryer or do not need to filter often, a cone holder that holds the filter paper and powder allows you to manually filter oil. However, oil must be filtered when warm, so a cone holder does pose more of a burn hazard than a fryer filter.

When it comes time to thoroughly clean out your fryer, brushes and rods are indispensable. Fryer brushes allow you to scrub out all the hard-to-reach areas in the bottom of the fryer, in the crevices around and under the heating elements. A fryer rod can help you clear out a drain line that has become clogged with sediment, and remove crumbs from under and around in-pot burner tubes. A fryer cover is a good preventive piece to consider, as it can help slow the breakdown of oil by limiting its exposure to light when not in use and will also keep debris out of the frypot.

Another piece of fryer cleaning equipment you may wish to consider if you will be doing a substantial amount of frying is a shortening disposal unit. These units use gravity or pumps to help quickly drain a fryer and offer tanks of varying sizes, from 40 to 100 pounds, to store oil in until it can be disposed of. These also come on wheels to make moving large amounts of oil simple. Many of these are available in low-profile designs to fit under fryers. The most important aspect of these disposal units is the minimum drain height, which lower than the drain on your commercial deep fryer to be compatible with it.