Ice Cream Freezers and Dipping Cabinets Buyer's Guide

ice cream dipping cabinets

Ice cream dipping cabinets are a staple in any store that serves ice cream. Depending on the style, these display cabinets allow you to either serve the ice cream to your customer or let your customers serve themselves. Ice cream cabinet's come in two varieties, either visual or horizontal dipping cabinets. Visual dipping cabinets are the perfect choice if you prefer to serve your customers this cold, tasty treat. Horizontal dipping cabinets are ideal if you plan to allow customers to serve themselves or simply store your product until it is ready to be placed elsewhere.

Visual dipping cabinets typically have sliding glass lids that allow quick access to the product. These glass doors also let customers view the contents of the cabinet without actually having to open the cabinet, preventing loss of time and cold air. These ice cream display cabinets have a 4-28 three gallon can holding capacity to provide maximum functional reliability in an attractive merchandiser. With a cold wall refrigeration system and a reverse condensing fan motor, this unit is highly cost efficient while optimizing the performance of the cabinet. Visual cabinets have dimensions ranging from 50 3/4" H x 47 1/2" W x 28 1/4" D up to 52 1/5" H x 49" W x 28 1/2" D, allowing you enough options to find a cabinet that will fit perfectly into the space you have available.

Horizontal dipping cabinets feature a nearly maintenance free stainless steel top with dual access removable lids and a white vinyl clad exterior to make cleaning a breeze. Horizontal ice cream cabinets are multi-functional, allowing you to either serve or store ice cream from the unit. This horizontal display case features cold wall refrigeration that keeps food at proper temperatures from -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 8 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit's solid exterior ranges in size from 34 1/4" H x 30 5/8" W x 31" D up to 34 1/4" H x 43 1/4" W x 31" D and has a holding capacity of 7 or 13 three gallon cans.

Our ice cream dipping cabinets are manufactured from True, Master-Bilt, Turbo Air, and Arctic Air. All of these quality cabinets are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are all backed with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. True offers a four year warranty on the compressor, while Arctic Air offers a 5 year compressor warranty.