The Commercial Coffee Brewers & Accessories Buyer's Guide

The Commercial Coffee Brewers & Accessories Buyer's Guide

Coffee, coffee, coffee; as the choice breakfast beverage in the United States, you can be sure that your establishment will benefit from offering it as an option. While serving coffee may be a definite for your business, knowing which type of brewer that is best for your needs can be tricky.

To make the process of buying a coffee brewer for your restaurant, office, or catering company easier we have compiled a helpful buyer’s guide that will educate you or your staff about the various types of commercial coffee brewers!

Pod Brewers

The smallest option of all commercial coffee brewers, the Pod brewer is an ideal coffee brewing solution for those establishments that only require coffee on a rare basis. For instance, small “Mom and Pop” cafes or offices would greatly benefit from a pod brewer over the use of a larger decanter brewer model due to less coffee waste and fresher tasting results. Most pod brewers feature water reservoirs that hold enough water for several cups of coffee, making the coffee brewing experience much easier!

Airpot Brewer

An Airpot or thermal brewer is a great option for restaurants, office spaces, and even small catering companies. The Airpot brewer dispenses coffee directly into an airpot (or thermal server), making it a breeze to transport the coffee in the insulated server to the beverage station or office meeting. Airpot brewers typically feature 1 to 2 brewing area, depending on the model.


The Percolator coffee brewer is the answer for many catering companies. This type of coffee brewer is easier to transport and set up than other types of brewers, making ideal for taking to events. To use a percolator, simply add the water to the percolator, fill the grounds basket evenly with the desired amount of coffee grounds, replace the lid, and allow the water in the bottom of the unit to heat until it begins percolating.

Decanter Brewers

One of the most common of all brewer types, the decanter brewer is often seen in restaurants like diners as well as in our homes. Commercial decanter brewers tend to feature warming plates for keeping the decanter of brewed coffee hot after brewing. Decanter brewers come in both automatic and manual pour over types. This is a great choice for convenience stores as you can make several pots of varying coffee types (decaf, regular, breakfast blend) for your patrons.

Satellite Brewers

Satellite coffee brewers, much like decanter brewers, are a coffee brewing solution for establishments that require larger amounts of coffee per day. Unlike decanter brewers, satellite coffee makers include a square server with a dispensing faucet. This faucet allows the user to quickly and easily dispense coffee, also making the satellite brewer a great option for busy quick-serve restaurants. Satellite brewers are a great option for busy truck stops or diners.

Commercial Coffee Brewer Accessories

While there are many different styles of coffee brewer, one fact stays the same: you are going to need to personalize your coffee brewer with accessories depending on your needs.

Decanter brewers, airpot brewers, and satellite brewers will all require the use of coffee filters. Without coffee filters, the end product from these types of brewers would be filled with coffee grounds (something we are sure your guests don’t want to drink).

It goes without saying than an airpot brewer will require the use of an airpot. The same rings true for satellite brewers that must have satellite servers to operate successfully. Thankfully, KaTom Restaurant Supply carries many different types of airpots to best match your specific airpot needs.

KaTom also sells decanters in insulated and non-insulated types for use with decanter brewers. Decanters are often subject to temperature shock or employee-clumsiness so having a replacement on hand is a superb idea.

For a successful self-serve coffee set up, an airpot rack is a great option! These racks make it easy to organize your airpot or decanter with all of the desired condiments well within reach. An airpot or decanter rack can also make it easier for your patrons to distinguish between the decaf and regular brewed coffee with proper labeling.

When multiple pots of coffee are needed, it is great to have a few extra coffee warming plates around. You’ll be happy to see that KaTom carries coffee warmers in side-by-side designs as well easy to access step-up coffee warmer models.