Coffee Maker Accessories Buyers' Guide

Coffee Maker Accessories

Having a commercial coffee maker that can keep up with your customers' demands is just the beginning of providing world-class coffee service. Dozens of available coffee maker accessories can help you streamline service, boost profits, and improve customer satisfaction. Here we'll cover some of the most important coffee accessories.

Cream Pitchers & Frothing Pitchers

Your espresso supplies aren't complete without frothing pitchers. These equip baristas to whip up freshly steamed or frothed milk for lattes and cappuccinos. The most common size is 24 ounces, though 12-, 30-, and 50-ounces pitchers and other sizes aren't uncommon. Choose a frothing pitcher that includes measurement markings to allow baristas to pour precise and consistent drinks, keeping costs in check.

Place cream pitchers at each table and let coffee drinkers customize their coffee to their tastes. Similar in design but much smaller than frothing pitchers, cream pitchers are designed to accommodate just a few ounces of cream. The most popular cream pitchers hold 3, 4, 5, or 6 ounces. Whereas frothing pitchers are generally made of stainless steel, creamer pitchers are most commonly made of ceramic to match your eatery's dinnerware.

Sugar Pourers & Sugar Bowls

Place sugar pourers and sugar bowls on tables to allow customers to sweeten their coffee and tea to their hearts' content. The most popular sugar pourers hold 12 ounces, while bowls range in capacity from 8 to 20 ounces. Each type of container is available in a number of designs to complement your existing tabletop accessories.

Whipped Cream Dispensers and Chargers

Top off each cup of hot chocolate, frozen coffee, and frappe with a generous portion of whipped cream. Whipped cream dispensers give you the tools you need to offer guests a freshly-whipped topping that the canned stuff can't begin to match in taste and texture. One-quart whippers are the most common, though pint whippers are also popular.

Nitrous oxide gas provides the pressure to whip cream and force it out of the whipper's nozzle. A single canister will whip a full pint bottle, while a quart bottle requires two chargers. N20 chargers are available in packs of 10, 24, and 50.

Coffee Filter

Most commercial coffee brewers require that coffee be brewed through a coffee filter. Coffee filters for commercial decanter brewers are larger than home brewer filters, at around 14 inches in diameter when laid flat. Most 12-cup brewers take filters that measure smaller than 10 inches. There are specific filters for certain types of coffee funnels as well, including Bunn's gourmet C-funnel. Stock up and buy the coffee filters you need by the case of hundreds or thousands.

Water Filters

If you want to serve the best-tasting coffee possible, you should only make coffee with filtered water. Coffee maker water filters and espresso machine water filters make it easy to brew coffee using the cleanest, freshest water. These coffee accessories remove off-tastes and odors from chlorine. Water filters also remove the dissolved minerals that can build up on coffee machines, affecting the equipment's performance and potentially shortening its life.

Beverage Service Cart

Take your coffee directly to your guests with beverage service carts. A beverage service cart is the best solution for organizing and transporting equipment like hot drink dispensers, cups, and trays. These generally include concealed compartments that can be used to haul everything from dirty dishes to snacks that complement your coffee service.

Hotels and catering companies can take advantage of beverage carts to set up mobile serving stations wherever customers congregate. They're great complements to continental breakfast rooms, too. Restaurant operators can set up beverage service carts in their lobbies to let guests help themselves to refreshments as they wait to be seated.


Airpots provide one of the best ways to keep coffee warm and ready to dispense. These coffee accessories come in two varieties: push-button and lever, which describe the mechanism users press to dispense coffee. Lever-type airpots are easier to use, but they can become damaged if members of staff or users lift the pot by the lever.

A set of airpots is the best solution for setting up a self-service coffee station. They're easy to operate and pose little risk of spills since the containers stay in place while the user dispenses coffee into his or her cup. A standard airpot holds between 2 and 3 liters of coffee. Stainless steel is the most popular airpot finish, although models with black exteriors are not uncommon.

Airpot Racks & Covers

Organize and protect coffee-dispensing airpots with airpot racks. You'll find sturdy wire and plastic racks that accommodate between one and six containers. Airpot racks are often equipped with drip trays that help keep countertops neat and tidy. Many also have a series of compartments for organizing coffee accessories and mix-ins like sugar, sweetener, creamer, straws, cups, and lids. These sometimes include label holders that display the type of coffee contained in each airpot.


Coffee carafes provide the best way to equip wait staff to serve coffee at guest tables. Carafes are insulated and covered with push-button or hinged lids. Coffee carafes come in a number of designs and finishes, from chrome and stainless steel to gold and champagne. An average carafe will hold 1 or 2 liters of coffee.


Replacement decanter coffee pots are sold individually to replace a broken pot or to expand production capacity. These coffee tools are most commonly made of glass, but plastic and stainless steel pieces are available. Black handles designate regular coffee, while orange ones designate decaf. Coffee pot decanters almost universally hold 64 ounces.

Coffee Flavors

Serve coffee, hot chocolate, and unique espresso drinks enhanced with coffee flavors, including chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel. These flavors come in containers of 16 ounces and 90 ounces. Flavored sauces are suitable for hot beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate, as well as cold ones like milkshakes and iced coffee.

Frappe & Hot Chocolate Mixes

Offer customer favorites like hot chocolate and frappes alongside your coffee service with frappe and hot chocolate mixes. Buy these in cases of single-serving packs that will store well to accommodate the occasional specialty drink order or choose bulk 3-pound containers for fulfilling frequent orders.