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Add one of coffee's hottest trends to your café or bar with KaTom's selection of cold brew equipment, including kits that help operators easily convert kegerators into cold brew dispensers. Before choosing a cold brew system, you should decide if your operation will serve flat cold brew coffee or nitro cold brew coffee since this will determine if you need one that includes a nitrogen tank. Cold brew systems that enable you to serve both styles are also available. More

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Common Questions About Cold Brew Coffee Equipment

How do you make cold brew coffee?

Although iced coffee is brewed like traditional hot coffee and then put over ice to bring the temperature down, cold brew coffee is brewed with cool or room-temperature water. This means cold brew coffee never comes into contact with hot water. Cold brew coffee is often brewed, or steeped, for 12 to 24 hours before it is served. Then, it is strained to remove the coffee grounds, chilled, and poured from a cold brew dispenser.

What is the difference between flat cold brew coffee and nitro cold brew coffee?

As its name implies, nitro cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen when it is poured. The addition of nitrogen creates a smoother product, complete with a foamy head reminiscent of a beer. Flat cold brew coffee is served without the addition of nitrogen, delivering a different taste and mouthfeel to customers. Cold brew enthusiasts may gladly debate which style is better, but which one wins out with your customers will be a matter of personal preference.

How do I serve cold brew coffee?

Though you will need to purchase a kegerator separately if you do not already have one in your business, cold brew equipment should come with the parts you need to serve cold brew coffee. For nitro cold brew, this will include a nitrogen tank and nitrogen regulator valve. All cold brew dispensers should be used with the appropriate tower assembly and taps. Flat cold brew coffee is served with a standard tap style, while nitro cold brew is served with a stout-style tap and often poured into a stemmed beer glass that showcases the beverage's foam head.

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