Cleveland Steam Kettle & Tilt Skillet

Pick a Cleveland steam kettle for your kitchen from a number of different sizes, including those with capacities as large as 80-gallons. Double the number of dishes you can prepare simultaneously with a two-kettle unit. Choose a Cleveland tilt skillet from smaller 10- and 15-gallon countertop options, up to giant 40-gallon beasts. The Cleveland kettle mixer is essentially two pieces of equipment in one, allowing you to mix your ingredients and cook them in the same container.

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Cleveland KET-12-T 2083
Cleveland KET-12-T 2083 12-Gallon Tabletop Tilting Kettle w/ Open 3-Le...

KaTom #: 109-KET12T2083

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Cleveland 18DMK6
Cleveland 18DMK6 Direct Steam Kettle w/ 6-Gallon Capacity, 18-in Cabin...

KaTom #: 109-18DMK6

Cleveland 36GMK66300 LP
Cleveland 36GMK66300 LP 36-in Kettle Cabinet Assembly w/ (2) 6-Gallon...

KaTom #: 109-36GMK66300LP

Cleveland KGL-60-SH LP
Cleveland KGL-60-SH LP 60-Gal Full Steam Jacketed Kettle w/ Solid-Stat...

KaTom #: 109-KGL60SHLP

Cleveland TMKEL-40-T 2403
Cleveland TMKEL-40-T 2403 Twin 40-Gal Tilt Kettle Mixer w/ Variable Sp...

KaTom #: 109-TMKEL40T2403

Cleveland HA-MKGL-80-T LP
Cleveland HA-MKGL-80-T LP 80-Gallon Tilting Mixer Kettle w/ Horizontal...

KaTom #: 109-HAMKGL80TLP

Cleveland KDL-40
Cleveland KDL-40 40-Gallon Direct Steam Kettle w/ Open Tri-Leg, 2/3 Ja...

KaTom #: 109-KDL40

Cleveland KDP-40
Cleveland KDP-40 40-Gallon Direct Steam Kettle w/ Pedestal Base, 2/3 S...

KaTom #: 109-KDP40

Cleveland KEL-25-T 2083
Cleveland KEL-25-T 2083 25-Gallon Tilting Kettle w/ Open Tri-Leg Base,...

KaTom #: 109-KEL25T2083

Cleveland KEL-60-TSH
Cleveland KEL-60-TSH 60-Gallon Tilting Kettle w/ Open 3-Leg, Full Stea...

KaTom #: 109-KEL60TSH2083

Cleveland KGL-100 NG
Cleveland KGL-100 NG 100-Gallon Stationary Kettle w/ Electronic Igniti...

KaTom #: 109-KGL100NG

Cleveland KGL-80-T LP
Cleveland KGL-80-T LP 80-Gallon Tilting Kettle w/ Electronic Spark, 2/...

KaTom #: 109-KGL80TLP

Cleveland 36GMK1010200 NG
Cleveland 36GMK1010200 NG Kettle Cabinet Assembly w/ (2) 10-Gallon Ket...

KaTom #: 109-36GMK1010200NG

Cleveland KGL-40-SH LP
Cleveland KGL-40-SH LP 40-Gal Full Steam Jacketed Kettle w/ Electronic...

KaTom #: 109-KGL40SHLP

Cleveland SD450K6
Cleveland SD450K6 Direct Steam Kettle Cabinet Assembly w/ (1) 6-Gal Ke...

KaTom #: 109-SD450K6

Cleveland TMKEL-100-T 2083
Cleveland TMKEL-100-T 2083 Twin 100-Gal Tilt Kettle Mixer w/ Variable...

KaTom #: 109-TMKEL100T2083

Cleveland HA-MKGL-60-T NG
Cleveland HA-MKGL-60-T NG 60-Gallon Tilting Mixer Kettle w/ Horizontal...

KaTom #: 109-HAMKGL60TNG

Cleveland KDL-250
Cleveland KDL-250 250-Gallon Direct Steam Kettle w/ Open Tri-Leg Base,...

KaTom #: 109-KDL250

Cleveland KDM-60-T
Cleveland KDM-60-T 60-Gallon Direct Steam Tilt Kettle w/ Cabinet, 2/3...

KaTom #: 109-KDM60T

Cleveland KEL-100-T 2403
Cleveland KEL-100-T 2403 100-Gallon Tilt Kettle w/ Open Tri-Leg Base,...

KaTom #: 109-KEL100T2403

Cleveland KEL-60-SH 2403
Cleveland KEL-60-SH 2403 60-Gallon Full Steam Short Kettle w/ Open 3-L...

KaTom #: 109-KEL60SH2403

Cleveland KET-3-T 2401
Cleveland KET-3-T 2401 3-Gallon Tabletop Tilting Kettle, 2/3 Steam Jac...

KaTom #: 109-KET3T2401

Cleveland KGL-60-T NG
Cleveland KGL-60-T NG 60-Gallon Tilting Kettle w/ Electronic Spark, 2/...

KaTom #: 109-KGL60TNG

Cleveland UNISTAND34
Cleveland UNISTAND34 Equipment Stand, 34 in H, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 109-UNISTAND34

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