Scrub Brush & Cleaning Brushes

Many routine cleaning jobs require staff to be armed with the right cleaning brushes, whether it's a wire brush for cleaning a charbroiler or one with plastic bristles for getting down into floor drains. General-purpose utility brushes can be used to tackle a number of miscellaneous jobs. In this category you'll also find a boot brush or a shoe brush to place at your entryways to encourage guests and employees to clean their footwear before entering to help keep your facilities clean and safe.

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Groen 104278
Groen 104278 Brush Set, 2in, Set of 3 Kettle Brushes

KaTom #: 167-104278

$270.00 / Set
Groen 107123
Groen 107123 Brush Set, 3" Set of 3 Kettle Brushes

KaTom #: 167-107123

$288.00 / Set
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