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Cigarette receptacles range from simple, economical ash urns to sophisticated systems that can hold thousands of butts and automatically extinguish smoldering cigarettes. A smaller, wall-mounted type provides a discreet solution, while larger units are available for popular areas. While some receptacles have the traditional ashtray look, others are designed to resemble an architectural element rather than a place to throw away cigarette butts. These receptacles come in an endless number of colors and finishes and are available in metal, plastic, and earthen materials. More

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Rubbermaid FG818088BEIG
Rubbermaid FG818088BEIG Trash Can Top Cigarette Receptacle - Decorative Finish

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Rubbermaid FG818088BRN Trash Can Top Cigarette Receptacle - Decorative Finish

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$480.00 / Each
Rubbermaid FG818288BEIG
Rubbermaid FG818288BEIG Trash Can Top Cigarette Receptacle - Decorative Finish

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Most decorative and utilitarian models are designed to sit on the floor or mount on the wall. Domes and other design elements keep the butts dry in the event of rain, and many units can be locked to prevent tampering. Some receptacles are designed so that only butts can be placed inside, reducing the likelihood of igniting other materials. You'll probably need a supply of both indoor and outdoor cigarette butt receptacles to not only keep your place neat but to also comply with state and local laws that may restrict smoking in public spaces.

Common Questions About Cigarette Receptacles

What cigarette receptacle designs are available?

Open-top urns are an affordable option for disposing of cigarette butts. Stand-alone units and cigarette butt containers mounted on a trash can are available in this style. Typically, the top is filled with sand so the smoker can conveniently extinguish the cigarette. Since urns don't hold as many cigarette butts as other options, they need to be emptied more frequently to keep up a clean appearance. In heavily-trafficked areas, the unit would need to be emptied once a day. Because the top is open, these units should only be used in areas that are protected from wind and rain.

A smokers' pole is an outdoor option that catches cigarette waste in a base under a sleek metal or plastic pole. These can be placed more strategically than other designs because they keep the spent cigarettes out of weather. These units are available in a variety of sizes, including large options for high-traffic areas.

Trash cans with built-in urns collect cigarette butts while also providing a place to dump general waste. Some trash cans can be modified to add a cigarette receptacle to the top.

Wall-mounted receptacles offer a more permanent solution to cigarette waste than cans. They mount on vertical surfaces, so they can't be accidentally knocked over. Typically, these units have a low capacity and require frequent emptying. Wall-mounted units usually come in two forms: a sleek, decorative smokers' pole and a less elegant box with a larger capacity.

What are considerations for outdoor cigarette receptacles?

If the cigarette receptacle is going to be outdoors, you'll need to think about the weather. Units with open tops should only be used in areas with a canopy or awning that keeps out the wind and rain. Smokers' poles are a good solution for outdoor applications since they keep cigarette waste completely protected from the weather.

How does traffic affect the type of cigarette receptacle you need?

The amount of traffic around the cigarette receptacle determines what size is required. The necessary capacity directly affects the type of unit that is best for the situation. A large amount of people pass through entrances and use employee break spaces, so these areas usually require high-capacity cigarette receptacles.

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