GET Centennial Plates, Cups & Dinnerware

Enjoy the style and versatility of the GET Centennial Series.

GET Tahoe Dinnerware

Bring the majestic beauty of nature into your establishment with this GET Tahoe dinnerware.

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GET Freeport Dinnerware

Release the mooring line and cast off with this nautical themed GET Freeport dinnerware.

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GET Texas Blue & Kentucky Green Dinnerware

Fans of horseback riding, cattle driving, and outdoor living will love the GET Texas blue and Kentucky green dinnerware sets.

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GET Ultraware Servingware

Go back to the basics with this simply designed GET Ultraware servingware.

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GET Santa Fe Dinnerware

Eat and drink in the old-town style with this GET Santa Fe dinnerware.

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GET Emerald Dinnerware

Aptly named, this GET Emerald dinnerware takes on the appearance of a true jewel.

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