Carlisle Kitchen Supplies

This category includes ingredient bins to improve efficiency, mixing bowls and strainers for prep, and pans and bakeware for cooking.

Carlisle Bake & Roast Pans

Carlisle bake and roast pans come in several size options so whether you're roasting duck or turkey you should find the perfect pan here.

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Carlisle Mixing Bowls

Mix up something delicious using brand new Carlisle mixing bowls.

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Carlisle Strainers & Skimmers

Drain the excess water from pasta, vegetables, and more using Carlisle pasta strainers and skimmers.

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Carlisle Miscellaneous Kitchen Supplies

We offer a great selection of Carlisle miscellaneous kitchen supplies.

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Carlisle Ingredient Bins

These ingredient bins are perfect for bakeries, restaurants, and quick-serve eateries that need an affordable ingredient storage solution.

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Carlisle Cake Stands & Covers

These fine Carlisle cake stands and covers come in polished stainless and black varieties to best suit your restaurant's décor.

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